With mother nature’s depleting resources, it is high time to pull up our socks and focus on saving our planet. Increasing pollution and new health hazards coming up every day are making it difficult for everyone. With yet another festival around the corner, it is imperative to become a conscious consumer. Conscious is the new stylish anyway.

Wastes are produced daily from everywhere, be it homes, shops, offices, cafeterias, restaurants, hospitals, and so on. The generation of these wastes increases during holidays, occasions, and festivals. On average, these festivals generate about 23,000 tonnes of waste including plastic and other toxic materials. Various festivals are celebrated all over the world. Festivals mean celebrations and gatherings which ultimately lead to the generation of waste products.

Why eco-friendly Christmas?

Would it not be cool to celebrate special occasions without harming the environment? After all the get-togethers and yummy food and all the fun. It wouldn’t feel nice to leave all the wastes for our Earth to take care of on her own, right? So why not turn towards being eco-friendly and opt for biodegradable materials so that you can have a guilt-free celebration?

Even if we cannot contribute to saving the planet on a large scale, we can at least do our part even if it is a small one. Now, Christmas is around the corner and this means decorations, get-togethers, and gifts. Of course, along with all these, the production of wastes is inevitable. We cannot give up or compromise on the celebrations but what we can do is try and make this Christmas an eco-friendly one.

This means, using eco-friendly decorations for our Christmas trees, wrapping gifts in paper wrappers and bags, and choosing paper plates, and paper straws, over plastic ones to minimize the effects of toxic wastes on the environment. VoucherCodesUAE presents to you some of the ways you could make this Christmas an eco-friendly one with the Noon vouchers you will love!

Here’s how you can enjoy an eco-friendly Christmas

Use decorations or use your own

When it comes to our Christmas tree, we tend to spend a lot of time, money, and effort. So instead of using plastic and other non-biodegradable products for decorating the tree, we can use decoration items made of paper, cloth, bamboo, and wood. Starting from the tree itself, instead of buying an artificial one, how about we use a real tree that can be moved outside once the occasion is over?

Wooden Pendants Christmas Tree Decorations

These eco-friendly items are easily available in the market. Noon.com offers a variety of wooden pendants and clay ornaments for decoration starting from AED 4.50. These items are environment-friendly and easily biodegradable. And if there’s a little extra time to spare, then why not let your creativity soar and produce your own interesting Christmas tree trinkets? That should be fun and authentic! DIY kits are also available at noon.com. You can use the code “Today41” to get AED 30 off on these items.

Wooden Pendants Christmas Tree Decorations

Say no to flashy gift wraps

Saying no to those shiny but harmful plastic wrappers for wrapping our gifts could be another step towards an eco-friendly Christmas. You could give away your gifts unwrapped, since a gift is a gift anyway, and it is the thought that counts, right? But if you really want to wrap them, then you could use paper wrappers instead, which are equally pretty and easily available too. Noon has a lot of options you could choose from. These gift wrapping papers start from AED 42.85.

Paper Gift wrappers

Besides, you could simply put them in pretty paper bags before giving them away. These start at AED 9.

Christmas gift paper bag

Paper over plastics, anytime!

Festivals and gatherings go hand in hand, which means people are coming over to your place and eating all the delicious meals. For this, you could use paper plates, cups and straws, and also wooden spoons available which can easily be disposed of later.

Paper plates and cups with golden crest

Eco-friendly gifts for your loved ones

We all care about our loved ones. So why not show them that you truly care about them by not gifting them products made of toxic materials? You could gift them products that are not made of hazardous materials. Noon offers a variety of items made of cloth, wood, bamboo, and others.

Use biodegradable garbage bags

Last but not least, once the occasion and the get-togethers are over, you could dispose of off the waste in biodegradable garbage bags. Biodegradable wastes in biodegradable garbage bags! Now wouldn’t that be the most perfect way to wrap up a guilt-free Christmas? Noon.com offers varieties of biodegradable garbage bags starting from AED 18. You can use the code “NOW” to get a 5% off on the item.

biodegradable garbage bag

Be safe and sound this Christmas and make an eco-friendly approach for your loved ones! Enjoy the holiday season with us, look at our Christmas shopping guide, and choose the best gifts for the near and dear ones.