Easter is the time when life springs into newness. When little buds bloom into flowers and little eggs hatch into chicks. So if you’re a new parent, An Easter-themed baby photo shoot┬áis going to be just perfect!

VoucherCodesUAE brings you a step-by-step guide for your easter baby photoshoot:

1. Select your Easter baby outfit

easter outfit

An Easter theme gives you the opportunity to go all out with cute ideas. Whether you want to dress your month-old baby as an Easter bunny or roll your toddler into an egg, nothing is too much for this season of cute new life. You can choose this adorable Easter baby onesie from Mumzworld. Accessorize with a cute bunny headgear and your kiddos easter outfit is ready!

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2. Get your background ready

easter themed baby photoshoot

The backdrop is an essential element that can take your baby‘s Easter picture to another level. Choose Easter backgrounds with bright textures and patterns to create a fun ambiance for your shooting your Easter-themed baby photo shoot. You can opt for a natural setting at the open park or even go for a variety of Easter backdrops from Amazon. Go to VoucherCodesUAE to avail exclusive discounts while Easter shopping on Amazon.

3. Choose the props for your Easter-theme baby photo shoot

easter props

We’re sure you’ve nailed your baby‘s easter outfits by dressing your baby girl as an Easter duck or dress your baby boy like a bunny . But props are as important to a personal , as a chocolate bunny is to Easter. They can really jazz up your easter picture and add to the composition.

You can get creative with your Easter props. Here are some that we liked:

  • An Easter basket overflowing with goodies

amazon easter basket

Amazon- AED 65.99

Easter baskets allow for a fun space to get creative. You can add colorful easter eggs, chocolates, or even some fuzzy toys.

  • Some Easter eggs for your little one to play around with

Amazon Easter eggs

Amazon – AED 33.39

Easter eggs can be a fun element that will accent your baby‘s photographs. Lay them around the backdrop’s setting for a cute image composition.

  • A bunch of beautiful Spring flowers for your Easter theme baby photo shoot

800 flower easter package

800Flower- AED145

Flowers can brighten up the entire ambiance of the backdrop. Choose from the range of Spring flowers from 800Flower and use the coupon code “GIVE” for easter discounts.

  • Some balloons and banners for Easter

easter decorations

Amazon- AED 46.78

Balloons always spell of celebration. So blow out some colorful balloons for your Easter babyshoot. You can even decorate them to resemble an easter egg, or even a cute little chick. Hang them around the backdrop for a cute setting for your kids’s photo session.

  • A toy that your baby can play with

Easter toy props

ToysRUs- AED 129

A toy will not only ensure that your baby stays distracted during the photo shoot, but will also add a fun element to the photographs. Whether it’s a car for your baby boy or legos for your baby girl, place them near your baby when you take the pictures. Get the best deals on toys from ToysRUs by using promo code “VCUAE “.

  • A cake for your baby to smash

Easter cakes

800Flower- AED 465

A cake smash is all the rage in the world of baby celebrations. Get a cake and lay it on the photo‘s setting. Help your baby mess around and smash the cake for some carefree pictures.

4. Get your kid easter photo shoot ready

easter baby photoshoot

While planning an easter themed photoshoot is a cute idea, convincing your little ones to cooperate during the photo session is a whole other task. So make sure to keep distractions for your baby ready beforehand. Whether it’s your baby‘s favorite toy or some chocolates to keep him distracted, plant them in the right spots and use them to your advantage. The easiest way to get it done is just to let your baby play and have fun in the setting.

5. Choose the right photographer

newborn photography

With the right camera equipment, it is completely alright to take the photos yourself. But when you’ve put so much effort into collecting the perfect Easter images for your little ones, why fall short on the technical department, right? So browse the internet for some photographers for the occasion. Make sure the photographer’s profile is fit for newborn photography and that they mingle well with your baby.

Now that everything is ready, you may start clicking away. But aren’t you forgetting something important?

Here’s point number 6 for planning your Easter baby photography idea:

6. Choose your own easter outfits too!

mom and baby matching easter outfits

Mumzworld- AED 157.50

Yes getting the baby is priority number 1. But remember when you’re putting together a thoughtful photoshoot for your toddler; you’re also freezing the memories for a lifetime. So include yourself in your toddler‘s Easter photo shoot. Get ready for the occasion. You and your partner can dress up as Easter bunnies, or you can even look for matching easter outfits for mom and baby

That was the step-by-step guide on planning your easter themed baby shoot. We hope they help you create the most memorable moments with your little one.

Here are some additional tips and tricks for your Easter-themed baby photo shoot:

baby bunny ears

  1. Schedule the photoshoot in the morning as this will help you get fresh and bright photos
  2. Use as much natural light as possible for effortless photos
  3. Use bright pastel colors for backdrops, newborn easter outfits, and props
  4. Packing light snacks, a bottle of milk, and diapers will definitely come in handy as photoshoots can take time
  5. Make sure you have a friendly photographer as that will make the photo session much easier
  6. And finally, have lots of fun with your newborn during your easter baby shoot because as they say candid photos are the best.