The World Environment Day Theme 2021 is “Ecosystem restoration” (June 5). Focusing on the emerging green technologies, natural processes, and innovative ideas to restore our planet. We bring forth the Earth-friendly brands in UAE to light, who are doing their share to provide Eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives for you to choose from!

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Earth-friendly Brands In UAE that you should know about

Earth friendly brands

Aim for a zero-waste lifestyle by taking those small steps that will make some great changes. The change is not easy, but when you actively choose to do better than what you did yesterday, you are a step ahead. We know, there’s a long way to go, but we gotta start somewhere, isn’t it?  Shop from brands, who care. Here are the top Earth-friendly global brands in the UAE, that you should know about:


Earth-friendy beauty brands

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The Green EcoStore

Earth-friendly fashion brands

A Dubai Based e-retailer is catering to all your needs, with a conscious approach. The Green EcoStore caters to both corporations and individuals. You can find everything in their eco-friendly product line you need, including kitchenware, stationery, garments, and even toys for the little ones!

More eco-friendly brands in UAE

H&M conscious Clothing Collection

Earth-friendly global brands

What about Earth-friendly clothing brands? H&M launched the seventh edition of its Conscious Exclusive Collection in 2020. With 100% regenerated nylon fiber and recycled materials, have a guilt-free fashion switch. You can check out the launch of new fabrics in the collection: AgraLoop BioFibre grom Circular Systems and Vegea. BioFibreis a natural fiber made from converted food crops and Vegea, a leather-like material made from byproducts of the winemaking process.

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Just so you know, the Conscious Exclusive Collection isn’t the only effort from one of the major Earth-friendly fashion Brands in UAE. Freely dabbling into 3D sketching, to make samples only for what they want to produce. Along with that, on-demand clothing makes way for the only necessary clothing item.

Splash Fashions

Sustainable brands

Splash Fashion took the spot with their Love the Planet Collection on the list of Environmentally friendly brands. The focus is on giving more value to the customers but also “driving responsible and eco-friendly services.” Their major achievement includes:

  • 80% of the Splash Fashion line is to be made with sustainable raw materials, by the end of 2020. That means 50 million sustainable clothing items.
  • Being among the first members of BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) and SAC (Sustainable Apparel Coalition). With common goals of sustainable and better clothing options with a positive impact on the community and people.

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