The light of the lamps, colors of the fireworks meeting the love of the family and joy of the loved ones— that what’s Diwali is made up of. Invite happiness and prosperity into your home with Diwali decorations and décor from the best brands.

The five-day festival starts on November 10 and the main day falls on November 14. We plan to help you find the right Diwali decorations for your home. Along with it, you can save while you shop! VoucherCodesUAE is here to help you find the best deals and offers for the celebrations. You can look for promo codes and coupon codes to avail discounts up to 15% flat off on your orders.

Diwali decorations and décor for your home

Diwali celebrations VoucherCodesUAE

Diwali is called the Festival of lights. You better be ready to light every corner of the house. Bright lights, vibrant colors and delicious meals are the essences of the festivities. Buying new household items and decorating your home is an experience. We will make sure that it is as easy as it can be. Be ready with the mop though!

Lamps from Fordeal

Diwali celebrations VoucherCodesUAE

Lawn lamps

Earthen diyas are traditionally chosen to decorate the house. Lamps are a much affordable, practical and eco-friendly approach than most other Diwali decorations. You can find a huge range of aesthetic lamps for your home or lawn on Fordeal.

Price: AED 18.38.

Serveware from Pottery Barn

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Chateau Acacia Wood Serveware Collection

Every family gathering is centered around the dinner table. Create that space for the family. Add a few more ottoman or chair, make sure everyone sits and talks because that’s what the family is for. Make sure to serve the food with style. Try the new serve ware collection from Pottery Barn.

Price: AED 25-125.

Little cute pieces from Amazon

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Amazon is the go-to Diwali decoration stop. From little scented candles to bright Rangoli designs, you can find everything you need. The Diwali special sale is also live on  You can shop from their festive collection for fashion, beauty, electronics, home and much more. Don’t miss it. Here are a few decor items that should be on your Diwali decorations inventory.

Shadow Lotus Tealight Candle Holder

diwali decorations

Price: AED 42.49.

Jaipuri Wall Hangings

diwali decor

Price: AED 22.65.

Waterproof LED Floating Tealights (24pcs)

Diwali Decor

Price: AED 49.50.

Star Light String (6M)

diwali decor

Price: AED 30.00.  

Peacock Shape Acrylic Rangoli

diwali decorations

Price: AED 25.49.

Flowers from 800Flower

Diwali celebrations VoucherCodesUAE

Give your imagination an upper hand and legit turn your home into a garden filled with flowers and a heavenly smell. Flowers have been used as Diwali decorations since the start of time.

You can opt to make your Rangoli with flowers as well, you know, the eco-friendly way! The best place for you to choose your flower arrangement is 800Flower. Better news? Use code “GIVE” to get 15% off sitewide.

Diwali Customs and Beliefs

Diwali celebrations VoucherCodesUAE

If your parents don’t make you clean before Diwali, you’re missing an experience! Cleaning, decorating and renovating are the first steps of the Diwali Celebrations. Decorating with diyas and rangolis (the best Diwali decorations), welcoming the guest and good luck will be your favorite part of it. Fireworks and feast go hand in hand, Feeding mithai (sweets) and sharing Diwali gifts will never fail to bring a smile to your face.

Day 1. Dhanteras

“Dhan” means wealth and “teras” means thirteen marking the thirteenth day of Kartik and the start of the celebrations. On this day, the celebrants clean their homes and decorate the house. Some even light up earthen diyas and keep them lit for the five days of celebrations. Yep, you need to keep it lit. What’s a celebration without a major shopping day? Dhanteras is just that. It is considered auspicious to buy new items such as jewelry, home equipment, etc. Guess it’s time to hit the Gold Souk!

Day 2. Naraka Chaturdashi

Also known as “Chotti Diwali”, the second day is the day to offer prayers for your ancestors. Every day is a shopping day, and for this day, you have to go hunt for sweets. You can also make tasty sweet treats at home and share it with your loved ones. Sweets are a lovely choice for Diwali gifts as well.

Day 3. Lakshmi Puja

The main day has arrived. The house is decorated with lamps and flowers, firecrackers are lit up and you invite happiness and prosperity into your home. Puja Ceremonies are held, loved ones visit each other and blessings are received.  With a family feast and a lot of laughter, Diwali gifts are exchanged. We will make sure your gift adds to their happiness.

Day 4. Annakut or Govardhan Puja

The day after Diwali celebrates the bond between the husband and his wife. They give each other gifts and visit the in-laws for a family meal. The farming community also holds the day in huge regard. Annakut literally means “mountain of food”. Temples offer mountains of sweets to the devotees.

Day 5. Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj translates into brothers’ day. Similar to Raksha Bandhan, it shares the spirit of the brother-sister bond. Pujas and services are held by the sister for her Brother’s well being. Sisters feed them with their own hands and receive presents!

That’s the simplest explanation for the five days of fun, happiness and amazing time this Diwali is going to bring to you. We hope you have a great time with your family. May delicious food, laughter and memories mark your festivities. Stay in touch with us to know about shopping more and spending less.