Dishwashing machines as the name suggest, clean your cookware, dishware, and cutlery items automatically. The best dishwashing machine can handle tough jobs and are way more reliable, and easy to use. Today’s high-tech dishwashers wash your dishes and sanitize them too. They make use of ultraviolet rays to sterilize dishes, conserve a lot of energy, and get rid of all kinds of tough stains.

There are almost hundreds of dishwashers in the market from dozens of brands. Finding the best dishwashing machine can be daunting!  VoucherCodesUAE brings to you these best dishwashing machines at the best price from Amazon UAE. Make your choice right away!

  1. Evvoli EVDW-153HS
  2. Hisense H14DS
  3. Bosch SMS50D08GC
  4. Samsung DW60M6050FS
  5. Sharp QW-MB612-WH3
  6. Beko DFN16421W
  7. Evvoli EVDW-6MS
  8. Midea WQP12-5203-W

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Things to keep in mind while choosing a dishwashing machine

Here are a few things that you should always keep in mind while shopping for a dishwashing machine:

  • Good cleaning performance
  • Better drying performance
  • A quiet performance
  • Efficient interior design & stainless Tub
  • Reliability, maintenance & installation
  • An Energy-Efficient dishwasher

The best dishwashing machines in the UAE

Keeping in mind the things mentioned above, here are the 5 best dishwashing machines to shop for in the UAE.

Evvoli EVDW-153HS7 programs, 12 place settings, A++ energy efficiency, LED touch display, freestanding form factor2 years
Hisense H14DS6 programs, 14 place settings, 49 dB noise, speed+ button included, 246.88 KW per year, 220 volts1 year
Bosch SMS50D08GC5 programs, 12 place settings, full console controls, 234 KW hours per year, 42 dB noise, 240 volts, 13 Gallons capacity1 year
Samsung DW60M6050FS7 programs, 14 place settings, 48 dB noise, full panel controls, 266 KW per year, 240 volts, capacity up to 12 litres1 year
Sharp QW-MB612-WH36 programs, 12 place settings, A+ efficiency, 12 litres capacity, 239.4 KW per year, full panel control console, self clean filter system1 year
Beko DFN16421W6 programs, 14 place settings, 46 dB noise, intensive 70, fast+ function1 year
Evvoli EVDW-6MS: Mini dishwasher7 programs, 6 place settings, freestanding, quiet operation1 year
Midea WQP12-5203-W6 programs, 12 place settings, 52 dB noise, Programs Intensive ECO 90 Min Quick, Half Load Function1 year

Evvoli EVDW-153HS

Evvoli EVDW

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Price: AED 1,199

Evvoli EVDW comes with 3 racks, spray arms, foldable bottom plate racks. Also, a top basket, and 2 cup shelf that will allow you to wash different utensils. It features:

  • an easy to clean surface
  • child-lock for safety
  • eco, fast, and auto mode
  • electronic control panel with LED touch display
  • delay+ and delay- zone
  • dual wash, water sensor flowmeter, sensor wash
  • Anti-flood protection switch

This dishwashing machine is suitable for households, small businesses, and utility rooms.

Hisense H14DS

Hisense H14DS

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Price: AED 994.18

Hisense H14DS has a lower energy consumption with short program times yielding optimum results. When you press the vireo speed plus button, the washing time gets reduced by up to 66%. This reduced time is immediately shown in the remaining time display. As a result, your dishes are sparkling clean and get dried within a short duration.

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Bosch SMS50D08GC

Bosch SMS50D08GC

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Price: AED 1,761

Bosch SMS50D08GC uses less water, less energy, and gives better performance. Bosch’s innovative ActiveWater technology maximizes energy efficiency to produce outstanding results while protecting the environment. It carefully targets water distribution, improves filter technology, avails of faster heating, and increases pump output for more water circulation.

This Bosch dishwashing model features:

  • A glass protection technology that promotes gentle handling for your delicate glasses.

  • An EcoSilence DriveTM: This drive is powerful, durable, quiet, and a lot more efficient.

  • Boschs’ DosageAssist ensures optimum results; thanks to its effective dissolving of the cleaner tab.

Samsung DW60M6050FS

Samsung DW60M6050FS

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Price: AED 1,749

Samsung DW60M6050FS features:

  • Hygienic rinsing to eliminate bacteria: A Hygiene rinsing option can be activated with certain programs to get your dishes hygienically clean. This rinsing increases the water temperature to 70˚C, which enables deeper cleaning and kills off bacteria and germs. 

  • Save time & energy on small load: Samsung’s Half Load setting gives you much greater flexibility as it allows you to fill and clean items in the bottom zone only. You can save time and energy by running smaller loads and enjoy having clean dishes any time you want to.

  • Save time with 60-minute wash & dry: A 60-minute Express Wash gets your dishes clean and also helps dry much faster. This option is ideal for smaller loads of lightly soiled items such as cups, cutlery, and dinner plates. 

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Sharp QW-MB612-WH3


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Price: AED 1,198

The Sharp QW-MB612-WH3 features a 12-place setting capacity for loading dirty dishes. It also includes a second-layer cutlery tray for that extra holding space. This Sharp model has 12 place settings including 6 different programs. You can choose depending on what state the used dishes are in.

This dishwashing machine also features:

  • Smart Technology: This dishwasher includes a half-load option that runs the cleaning process with reduced water and power. The filters subjected to anti-microbial treatment ensure a germ-free cleaning procedure.

  • Multiple Options: It features a series of 6 pre-set options. You can select as per the dirt and grease intensity on the dirty dishes. Its special child-lock feature with touch-screen operation provides safe and secure use.

Beko DFN16421W

best dishwashing machine

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Price: AED 1,298

Want to save on your electricity bills and get a more efficient dishwasher? The ProSmart Inverter Motor in the Beko dishwasher reduces friction and is way quieter. With ratings of up to A+++, you save on water and electricity too. This dishwasher features:

  • Fast+ Function: Cleans dishes and glasses in a flash

  • Auto Tablet: The Auto Tablet sensor detects the amount of rinse aid. It then sets the duration of the drying cycle. This means you get the best drying results without having to lift a finger.

Evvoli EVDW-6MS: Mini dishwasher

Mini Diswasher

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Price: AED 999.00

Evvoli-EVDW-6MS is a freestanding dishwasher perfect for households, kitchens, utility room, or small businesses.

It features:

  • High washing capacity
  • Quiet operation
  • Has an adjustable shelf
  • An integrated Washing Rack
  • Cup Shelf for various kinds of utensils

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Midea WQP12-5203-W

Midea WQP12-5203-W

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Price: AED 1,153

Midea’s perfectly engineered stylish design and innovation meet the demand of today’s busy lifestyle. This product features:

  • Quiet operation: Quietness is not at the expense of performance
  • Easy to control: Its preset programs & laid buttons make it easy to use
  • Intense cleaning: Multiple wash cycles ensure that the dishes come out clean
  • Half load function: Save energy and use the half load function when your dishwasher isn’t full
  • 24 Hour Delay Start: A timer helps you set your dishwasher to start 1-24 hours later
  • Rapid Wash: You can use the 30-minute ultra-rapid cycle and make your life easier when hosting a party
  • 70degree Intensive Wash: Its 70° intense cycle is effective at cleaning heavily, soiled dishes and utensils. This eliminates 99.99% of bacteria.

Well-designed baskets and racks are installed to help meet everyone’s needs. Shop now!

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