Being forgetful is actually a sign of intelligence. We know, some people may think otherwise, but science supports it! So do we! We found planners and organizers for forgetful people if you’re still concerned about forgetting minute details.

Supported by studies, your brain self optimized the memories. Yes, you remember only valuable information and delete the unimportant details. Isn’t that cool? Your brain has an automatic cleaning app!

Helpful planners and organizers for forgetful people

daily schedule planner as reminders

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For now, we are going to share life-saving products for forgetful people. Yes, we don’t forget about you! The list is compiled from the ultimate shopping site, AliExpress.

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Daily/ Monthly/ Weekly Planner

Products for forgetful people - daily schedule planner

If you’re going to be forgetful, you cannot afford to be lazy! Make yourself a checklist every day using a daily schedule planner, or once a week. Alright, if you’re busy, do it once a month.

Don’t forget about the bigger picture, when you fuss over minor details. We even found you a kawaii weekly, monthly checklist, and notepad to keep you motivated!

Price: AED 5.48

Mini Bluetooth tracker

Products for forgetful people - planners and organizers

Ever lost a key or wallet in the crowd? There’s literally no way you could get it back, but actually, there is. The Baseus mini smart anti-lost tracker is here to save the day.

Bluetooth trackers are not new, while we mention products for forgetful people. They are practical and useful. Just attach the tracker and track the location of your thing through Bluetooth and GPS tracker on your phone.

Price: AED 29.06 – 43.60

Smart fitness watch

Black smart fitness watch

You must be wondering why are smartwatches on the list of products of planners and organizers. Understand your overall health is an important part of your well-being. You can figure out how many steps you need every day or see whether you are getting enough sleep.

The Apple Watch 5 Series is the cellular version smartwatch with fitness, heart rate, and sleep tracker. You don’t have to worry, as the watch has a display that never sleeps. You don’t even need your phone, you can call text, stream music, and even pay!

Price: AED 1,806.28 – 2,158.11.

Emergency cash keychain

daily schedule planner to organize duties

Your forgetful self may just forget important things like money! So you can always put folded paper bills in the wallet keychain or even your credit card.

You don’t ever have to be embarrassed about forgetting your money now. If you have other trinkets that you need on a daily basis you can add them to the keychain as well.

Price: AED 8.97

Shelf organizer


Product for forgetful people

Stick this wooden shelf organizer at the entrance of your house (inside, obviously). Whenever you come in, just place your car keys, house keys, and other important items there. So, next time, you go out, you don’t forget to get everything!

Organizers are the MVP of products for forgetful people. You can never have enough. You can check out, Homzmart, a Lagos-based furniture paradise, for more home decor.

Price: AED 16.97

Block year planner

Planeers and organizers for forgetful people

A daily schedule planner is the best solution for forgetful people

We understand, writing every day can be a pain, and you may just forget about it. Okay, sorry, bad joke. You will not say no to a whole year’s planners and organizers at once, will you?

Mark all the important dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or family events at the start of the year! Then, you just have to go with the flow. To make it more lively, we have stickers and colorful markers to match up with your amazing planning.

Price: AED 8.64

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