Is your holiday shopping list ready? Get your hands on heavy discounts and great deals on Cyber Monday in UAE. Don’t worry, we got your back with everything you need to know about the sale! November is packed with sales and perfect for the shopping spree you’ve been planning on. From the 11.11 sale, Black Friday to Noon’s Exclusive Yellow Friday Sale along with Souq’s White Friday, the insane sales are sure to satisfy the shopper in you. VoucherCodesUAE gives you a bunch of coupon codes and discounts to satisfy the crazy shopper soul in you!

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What is Cyber Monday?

cyber monday in UAE

“Cyber Monday”, the term was born in 2005 and coined by Ellen Davis. It falls on the Monday following Thanksgiving and Black Friday. You will witness huge discounts to shoppers on various sites.  While it was considered an American holiday before, it is now celebrated all over the world.

The reason for it being on Monday? Well, it turns out that people love to shop with fast computers and high-speed internet connections when they are at work! That is one day everyone seems excited to reach their work desk. 2005 was a distant time when people had landlines and daily use modems at home so, it kind of makes sense in a way.

Cyber Monday 2023 date UAE

In 2023, Cyber Monday falls on November 29. Don’t forget to set a reminder!

Black Friday VS Cyber Monday

Cyber monday in UAE


The two major sales lined up close to each other, giving a sense of competition between them. Black Friday started as a Brick and Mortar sale while Cyber Monday was an online sale. Both have evolved through the years and aim to give better sales.

In terms of statistics, in 2022, the Cyber Monday sale was totaled at $9.4 Billion in the US which was a new record. It completely went past Black Friday sales of $7.4 billion.

While in terms of deals, they both rival each either at every corner and category, the main question is what you want. Black Friday has been proved a great time to buy household appliances, and home improvement products. Cyber Monday is a whole around affair where you need to look for products and you stumble on great deals.

Further, in terms of comfort, both sales will have stores and sites giving away heavy deals. But, stores having a sale, can be dangerous. SO, we would say, hours at the store are easily won over by a few clicks at home.

Best deals for Cyber Monday in the UAE

Cyber Monday in UAE best deals

With VoucherCodesUAE, you can save while you shop. Get your hands on the best coupon codes to save a little more as well. So, here are a few of the very best deals for Cyber Monday in the UAE, for you.

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How to save on Cyber Monday?

cyber monday in UAE - how to safe

We don’t know how much you’re planning to spend. But we do know that the offers for Cyber Monday in UAE are bound to rile you up and find the way to make that hole in your purse. So, we will help you be the smart shopper, we know you are. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use while you shop.

1. Compare everywhere:

Different products, different sites, different prices.  Always looks for the best deal and go for it. Anything worth investing, like electronics, kitchen appliances, and other such products.

2. Wishlist is important:

Sit down and start making that list. Have a clear line between what you need and what you want. Check if you can preorder. Face value isn’t something we run after!

3. Install the App:

Almost every online store has an app used for Android and iOS. There are numerous benefits that come along with the phone app. Notifications regarding the sale, extra shipping reduction, and membership benefits.

3. Use coupon codes:

Find the coupon codes to add to your savings. Trust us and visit us for the best promo codes and Cyber Monday coupons on every brand at your disposal.

4. Fill that cart:

A single product will have numerous eyes on it. If it is on the higher discount page, hit that ‘Buy now’ button as soon as you can. As soon as the sale kicks off, make the payment and wait for that order. There is another reason for it as well. If you keep products in your shopping cart, the vendors will provide you with various deals or discounts for that particular product.

5. Preorder if you can:

Many sites give you the option to preorder items beforehand with reduced prices. Read NO.4 again. No regrets and no extra cost. That’s what you need to aim for.

Have a great shopping weekend. Plan ahead and get the holiday wishlist ready as well. Who knows, when will you find the great deals again!

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