Dubai is now called the Beverly Hills of the Middle East and this is because of the rampant growth of plastic surgeries. As reports suggest, cosmetic surgery has topped the list in medical tourism in Dubai.

It’s a huge market with prices ranging as high as Dh40,000 for a detailed body sculpting procedure.

We know that these kinds of surgeries enhance appearances but they also come at a cost, not only financially but physically too. There are a lot of possible cons of such cosmetic surgeries.

VoucherCodesUAE presents to you some make-up tricks and how you could use these products from as a less expensive and safer alternative.

Your face is the most significant part of your appearance. Facelift surgeries claim to restore a more natural and youthful appearance by tightening facial muscles and repairing loose skin. But again, this procedure comes with problems like bleeding, infections, neurological dysfunctions, and skin necrosis. So, try these instead.

Shape your brows in 6 steps with a kit from Benefit

A sagging brow can create a furrowed appearance in the upper face. A brow lift repositions the brow for a more youthful look. However, brow lifts can leave cosmetic risks and asymmetrical results. They can also leave visible scars. To avoid these while still having fine brows to flaunt, you can get this Eyebrow Kit from Benefit to help you get those perfect brows.

Make-up Tricks VoucherCodesUAE

AED 339

This kit contains 6 full-sized eyebrow products along with many tips to help you step by step.

Play up your eyes with Eye Countour from KVD

If you know how to strategize your eye make-up, you won’t even have to think about getting an eye lift, which again is risky and expensive. Irrespective of how your eyes are, if you know how to apply eyeliner in the proper way, you can visibly alter the appearance and make it look the way you want it to look. If you have small eyes, you can apply white eyeliner to the lower lash line to create an optical illusion.
For hooded eyes, you can apply a smokey eye-makeup to enhance the outer corners for an illusion of lift. You can also contour your eyes to get the shape you want.

Make-up Tricks VoucherCodesUAE

AED 40

Get this Vegan Beauty Shade+Light Eye Contour Quad from KVD to bring out the best in your eyes. You can use the contour, define and highlight shades to create your ideal eye shape. Each quad includes an illustration by Kat Von D so you can lift, define, widen and narrow your eyes accordingly.

Sharpen your nose with Fenty sticks

Forget about the expense of rhinoplasty a.k.a nose jobs! Besides being painful and taking 6 weeks or more to heal, nose surgeries can leave you with bruises, swollenness, and gauze. But for a nose that you think doesn’t make you too happy, you can always transform it with contouring. You can use concealers and highlighters to make the areas of your nose you want to flaunt more noticeable.

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AED 260

Get these conceal, contour and highlight sticks from Fenty Beauty to get those perfect cuts and edges on your face. You can also use these on your cheeks.

Pronounce cheekbones with Nars contour

Instead of turning to expensive procedures, there are easier and cheaper ways to get those perfect cheekbones. All you need is your proper contour kit. A great way to slim your face is to use a contour stick and bronzer to hollow out the cheeks. You can then apply blush above the bronzer and highlighter to make your cheekbones more pronounced.

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AED 215

Get this bronzing powder from NARS for that sculpted look. It comes in two different shades for lighter and darker skin tones.

Make-up Tricks VoucherCodesUAE

AED 75

This powder blush from the Sephora Collection gives an instant lift for a fresh and radiant complexion. It comes in a wide range of shades for every skin tone.

Make-up Tricks VoucherCodesUAE

AED 60

Inspired by the magical horn of the mystical animal, this Unicorn Highlighting Stick from Too Faced gives you precision highlighting and a party ready gloss finish.

Flaunt fuller lip with Dior Addict Lacquer Plump

Fat Injection, dermal fillers, and implants are used to make lips plumper. No doubt these procedures make your lips plump, but they also come with a lot of side effects. Some of them could be infection, lip asymmetry, swelling, bruising, and ulceration. You can still get plump lips without having to undergo surgery and face all these risks.

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AED 163

This Dior Addict Lacquer Plump is a 2-in-1 product. It tints lips like ink with long-wear color for 8 hours and also delivers a volume-boosting and shaping effect like radiant plumper.
Also, using lip liners automatically gives your lips definition. Thus, making them look fuller.

Edge your jawline with a contour kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills

The only Beverly Hills reference you need

If you do not have a sharp jawline, you can easily get more definitions by using shaping powder. Take powder that matches your skin tone and apply it along your jawline starting from behind your ears all the way down to the tip of your chin. Blend the powder down your neck so that you won’t notice any visible lines or color differences.

Make-up Tricks VoucherCodesUAE

AED 231

Opt for this Contour Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills. It is an all-in-one kit containing three shades for highlighting and three shades for contouring. You can use the darker shades for shading and defining. The lighter shades can be used for sculpting and enhancing features. The palette contains all the shades you need to enhance your eyes, cheekbones, nose, and jawline like a pro. Also, they are removable and refillable.