Who doesn’t like chocolates? No matter what age, everyone loves them! Not only are they delicious, but they also have numerous health benefits. Too much of everything is certainly bad, but if taken in the right quantity, chocolates can be beneficial in ways you might not even be aware of. Studies have shown that eating small amounts of chocolates could reduce your risk of heart diseases. It has also been proven that consuming chocolates can instantly better your mood because it releases endorphins a.k.a. happy hormones. This not only aids in making you happy but also calms you down in stressful situations. With Chocolate Day coming up on February 9th, we at VoucherCodesUAE present to you a list of the best chocolates available on Amazon that you could gift your Valentine.

Best chocolates for Valentine’s Day

Ferrero Rocher

Chocolate Day Special VoucherCodesUAE

AED 37.50 Amazon.ae

A special kind of chocolate for a very special day! Made with passion and commitment to create an irresistible taste experience, it is no surprise that Ferrero Rocher is loved, gifted and appreciated all over the world. Gift your loved one a box of Ferrero Rocher to make them feel how special they are to you.

Godiva Carres Milk Chocolate

best chocolates on Amazon

AED 105.60 Amazon.ae

For someone who loves their chocolate beautifully creamy, silky, smooth and uncomplicated, Godiva’s Milk Chocolate Carres is absolute perfection. These simple, indulgent squares are impossible to improve upon. This special gold and grey box also makes it a sophisticated gift.

Lindt Deluxe Chocolate

best chocolates for Valentine's Day

AED 98.70 Amazon.ae

For a smooth consistency and nice melt-in-the-mouth feel, Lindt chocolates are amazing. The technical quality of their grinding, blending and tempering processes being very good, this brand of chocolate has a very light and creamy flavour. Even more, the finest crisp hazelnut pieces, whipped into a moreish praline and then enrobed in an indulgent layer of smooth milk chocolate, makes it very good chocolate for gifting.

Galaxy Jewels

best chocolates for Valentine's Day VoucherCodesUAE

AED 65.25 Amazon.ae

They are miniatures created from the smooth and creamy Galaxy chocolate, that come in a variety of delicious flavours and textures. From classics like smooth silk, crispy caramel to exquisite variants like ripple, honeycomb crisp and salted caramel, Galaxy Jewels have it all. A great choice for Chocolate Day would be these chocolate jewels for that precious someone.

Mackintosh’s Quality Street Chocolate

Valentine's Day top chocolates

AED 93.95 Amazon.ae

If you feel the strength lies in numbers, go for a tin full of Quality Street’s chocolates and toffees. A rich, intense array in iconic shapes and flavours, this collection contains the Purple Sweet, Toffee Finger, Noisette Triangle, Octagon Crunch, Toffee Penny, Strawberry Delight, Orange Cream and Caramel Cup. Seems like a sweet gift for your other half!

Chocolate Gift Set

Valentine's Day top chocolates Chocolate VoucherCodesUAE

AED 86.82 Amazon.ae

If it is not too much for you, maybe you could go for this Valentine’s Day Candy Gift Set with a Chocolate-Scented Plush Bear Bundle Gift. This gift set includes a chocolate-scented 5.5” cuddly teddy bear, Elmer Heart Box with 4 chocolates, 1 Smarties Love Heart Candy Box, 3 Sixlets, 1 Heart Lollipop and Valentine’s Nerds. It comes in a Happy Valentine’s bag, all ready for gifting your special someone.

Chocolate Bouquet

Chocolate Day Special with VoucherCodesUAE

Chocolate Bouquet Idea (Pinterest)

If you have time in your hands as well as some energy, why not up the game and rather create your own chocolate basket? You can also make a chocolate bouquet with your special one’s favourite chocolates. Grab Snickers, Twix, Toblerone, Choco Pie and many more all-time favourites from Amazon and put them together in a bouquet for that extra special touch.

Dark Chocolates

For those with not a very sweet tooth, dark chocolates can work wonders. Check the best chocolates for Valentine’s Day. They are not as sweet as milk and white chocolates but are packed with health benefits. Besides putting you in a better mood, dark chocolate has so many other factors that can make you indulge in it without much guilt. To name a few, it reduces stress, helps your heart stay healthy, lowers blood pressure, helps in blood circulation and improves your memory as you get older.

Godiva Dark Chocolate

Godiva Dark Chocolate

AED 105.60 Amazon.ae

A small bite of dark chocolate can give you a huge taste of the gourmet chocolate goodness. Thus, Godiva Dark Chocolate is pure chocolate bliss for dark chocolate lovers. They are beautifully dark, gorgeously glossy and incredibly smooth. Each square provides an intense hit of dark chocolate made with 72% cacao.

Godiva Carres Full Range

Godiva Carres Full Range Chocolate Day Special VoucherCodesUAE

AED 207.90 Amazon.ae

Containing different varieties, the full range of Godiva Carres contains 60 pieces from the creamiest snow-white chocolates to the glossiest and darkest ones with 85% cacao. This refined box of individual chocolate squares allows you to experience the full range of Godiva Chocolates. A perfect gift for those who love all types of chocolates, this box is simply perfect for chocolate addicts.

Replaze Sugar-free Chocolate

Best Chocolates for Chocolate Day Special VoucherCodesUAE

AED 212.23 Amazon.ae

Diabetic or watching your sugar intake? Fret not! Nowadays, there are plenty of sugar-free chocolates available, so that people on a low sugar diet will not have to miss out on these indulgent treats. The Replaze Sugarfree Dark Chocolate provides the same level of sweetness and deliciousness but with fewer calories.

You can also check out the rest of the addictive range of chocolates from Amazon and get amazing discounts.