Prince TATA from Planet BT, who had been traveling with VAN, crashed on Earth. In order to spread love, TATA decides to become a star. Finally, six fascinating members come together namely: KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, and COOKY to make ‘BT21,’ and they are dreaming of becoming the most famous star in the universe, THE UNIVERSTAR! Will BT21 become UNIVERSTAR, and spread love around?

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As K-pop hits the charts, fans all over the world show interest in the G-Dragon Nike collection or a group of BT21 cute characters. You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard the name of the international sensation BTS. The South Korean K-pop band came up to be a huge hit in the entire world with their dashing male members, incredible vocals, and mesmerizing choreography. The name BT21 stands for ‘BTS’ and the ’21st’ century they represent. The idea was implemented with the collaboration of LINE FRIENDS and BTS.  Rather than simply creating avatars of the physical appearance of artists, BT21 consists of 8 different charming characters created by BTS members, where all of them actively participated in the whole process from drawing sketches to elaboration.

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Why BTS?

BTS, the first artist to join the ‘FRIENDS CREATORS’ Project, is a creator that shows a connection in terms of the global character brand LINE FRIENDS.’ BTS has a high popularity ranking and a strong influence in the world, and are great storytellers of our time who can share the story of “development in IP (Intellect Property)”. They send encouraging messages throughout the world and have gone viral internationally.

Meet the BT21 members

Amazing BT21 figures!

Jung Boseok, Van, Koya, and the others!

BT21 consists of 8 talented and quirky characters. All of which have their own individual personality mirroring the BTS idol that they represent and every one of them is incredibly cute. Here’s all about them.


Chimmy BT21 toys available on Amazon.

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The character representing Park Jimin is a cute dog who just loves to wear a yellow hoodie and is born with a passion to work hard on everything, no matter what. You can find his merch like keychains, stationery, and plushies on Amazon and they are indeed a cute accessory to own.

BT21 Amazon represtentant.

Chimmy BT21 keychain

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Cute, blue Koya figure.

Sleeping BT21 Koya

Koya is a very sleepy but intellectual Koala representing Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster). He is an extremely talented cutie, full of thoughts and thoughts about sleeping. Koalas, sleep and sleeping koalas, who doesn’t love them. Amazon has amazing cute merchandise to offer so you best get them all before they run out of stock!

BT21 Official Baby Mini Handheld Personal Portable Fan (Koya)

BT21 Official Baby Mini Handheld Personal Portable Fan (Koya)

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RJ BT21, white figure.

Become familiar with this RJ friend!

Kim Seokjin’s Alpaca is a really sweet character who loves to eat as well as cook. His warm and fuzzy fur makes everyone feel safe and at home. He is frail-hearted and is easily scared but that does not change the fact that he is a very sweet alpaca who does whatever he can to help him, fellow members.

Such a wonderful, BT21-inspired toy!

BT21 RJ- PongPong Plush Cushion Pillow

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Cooky BT21 - the one into gym!

Pink-ish, a sports-loving toy!

Cooky aspires to break out of his stereotypical cute appearance and become tough (or at least he tries to). Jeon Jungkook’s character, Cooky is a cute pink bunny and he is adorable indeed with the frame of a tiny animal but the personality of a lion.

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BT21 Cooky- Plush Pillow toy

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Mang BT21 only with Amazon coupon!

It’s time for Jung Hoseok dancing king!


An absolute Dance machine. Jung Hoseok (J-hope)’s Mang is cooler than ever when he starts to groove. Hidden inside a mask no one knows his true identity but that does not stop him from being adorably cute.

BT21 Character Silicone Small Coin Purse ID Credit Card Wallet Toiletry Pouch with Zipper

BT21 Character Silicone Small Coin Purse ID Credit Card Wallet Toiletry Pouch with Zipper

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Shooky BT21 fot tose who have a sweet tooth!

Shooky, a cookie monster is on his way!

The tiny cookie loves jokes, especially when it’s on his friends. Shooky represents Min Yoongi (Suga) and there is one thing he absolutely despises, Milk. Check out his cute merchandise on Amazon. You will not be disappointed.

 SHOOKY Character Design 0.5mm Fine Point Mechanical Pencil

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A playful TATA figure.

Prince TATA from planet BT has a super stretchy body as well as supernatural powers. Representing Kim Taehyung (V) Tata has a really playful personality and is a fun-loving alien. An otherworldly being with the head in the shape of a big heart, are you seriously gonna ignore him?

AURORA BT21 Official Merchandise, TATA Soft Toy

AURORA BT21 Official Merchandise, TATA Soft Toy

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Meet Van The Guardian!

Van is the guardian robot of BT21 and represents the entire BTS fandom. Van is an emotionless robot who knows everything about the world and he is pretty much as close fans can get to their idols.

Grupo Erik Van BT21 Mug, Ceramic

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