Are you a gadget geek? Then, this guide is just for you. There is everything and anything you can want, if you are an IT professional, technology enthusiast, student or even just a consumers, welcome to technology paradise.


For those of you who don’t know:


GITEX or Gulf Information Technology Exhibition is an electronics trade show that takes place twice in Dubai every year.  The Spring edition of the Gitex Technology Week 2018 will be held between the 3rd and 7th of April 2018 at the Sheikh Saeed Halls, Dubai World Trade Centre.


What can you get at GITEX?


Anything electronic, we mean it.


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Deciding to replace all your air conditioners are a tricky and expensive decision, but breeze through that with the amazing discounts you will find at this exhibition. Photography too expensive a hobby, but you want to pursue it? GITEX has got the best deals on all professional cameras and equipment.


Do you love your desktop a little too much and are always looking to find the best deals to upgrade your add-on’s? don’t look too far, at GITEXT you will not only find what you want but the best brands, superior quality, and best deals, so it’s definitely worth all the anticipation.


These are just a few things we have mentioned of what you can expect at GITEX this year.


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Finding the perfect Television-


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Source: Rishvi Pragasam