A good pair of matching boots can make even a simple outfit look very stylish and substantial. It’s the perfect time of the year to rock an extraordinary pair. This versatile breed of shoes can be styled in a fancy way or can be casually dressed down. From the resourceful Chelsea to durable Timberland, there are a lot of different boots to choose from. VoucherCodesUAE brings you the best men’s boots you need to kick-off 2021 in style.

List of all the good Men’s Boots

Cowboy boots from AliExpress

mens boots - Cowboy


Not your typical old school cowboy boots, but more of a refined modern version of it. These boots sport a harness and a Cuban heel. The toe box is also a little less pointy, but not too square either. Style these boots with a pair of dark washed denim along with silk buttondown and you will look phenomenal. A proper pair of this new genre of cowboy boots can be hard to find. But don’t worry, we have found a perfect pair for you, and you can get these pair of boots from AliExpress. Use the code “ALEXP586” and get a flat 4$ off on everything sitewide on AliExpress.

Chelsea boots from H&M

mens boots - Chelsea

Chelsea boots have been around since forever and are easily the must-owned footwear for every man. Regardless of your age or profession, you can never go wrong with Chelsea. It is the very definition of versatile as you can even dress it up with a suit or casually rock it in your jeans. However, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind. These boots don’t have laces. So, buy the right size so that it does not slip off your feet. Use the code “TCZFO” and get an extra 10% off on sale items from H&M.

Brogue boots from AliExpress

mens boots - Brogue


The brogue boot is a sturdy, multi-layered masculine boot and it has a decorative perforation also known as the brogue. The boot is perfect for the outdoors. It looks extremely stylish and looks best with casual outfits. It can be perfect casual footwear for winter as it compliments denim, tweed and flannel trousers. Get these from AliExpress.

Chukka boots from Namshi

mens boots - Chukka

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These boots come in a low sleek profile making them ideal for your 9 to 5 outfits or smart casual occasions. You can be sure that these boots will never go out of style, because of their utilitarian and practical usage. It is very sleek and comfortable, featuring a very low heel at the bottom. It comes in both leather and synthetic soles. The latter option is preferred if you are an ardent walker. Once you start wearing it, it will be your go-to workboot because of its stylish appeal as well as comfort. Get these sleek Chukka boots from Namshi.

Use the code “OK47 ” to get flat 20% off on all orders from Namshi.

Dress boots from AliExpress

mens boots - Dress

The dress boots are similar to brogue boots but it can be dressed up a lot. It comes in different variations such as the double monk straps or even laced up with a little bit of broguing. They are generally more on the expensive side but it will be well worth it. You can easily dress these boots on semi-formal and formal occasions. It mimicks the dress shoes down from the ankle but has a silhouette of a boot. You can rock these versatile boots with a pair of dark denim and a leather jacket or you can dress it up with a chic three-piece suit. Use the code given above and get discounts on some good dress boots from Namshi.

Workboots by Doc Martins

mens boots- Workboots


The focal point of a work men’s boot is its utilitarian purposes. But you should go for the types of workboots that serve their utilitarian purpose and are stylish as well. The main purpose of these boots is to be practical and it should be able to thrive in rough conditions. There are a few things to look out for when you are going to buy these boots, it should have had a grippy sole, some sort of weatherproof liner, and also some sort of insulation for cold weather. These boots look great with denim and are the definition of a masculine shoe. This pair of Doc Martens on Amazon is the perfect example of an excellent work boot. Take advantage of the Amazon UAE trending offers and deals. Check these out here.

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