You must have heard already; Korean skin care routine has taken the world by storm. The 10-step process of cleansing, toning and moisturizing are quite a task and sometimes you may wonder if it is worth the effort.

Here is a simplified Korean beauty routine which can be incorporated in your beauty routine, especially during the summer.

Wash your face twice

Yes, you read it right. First you clean your face with an oil-based cleanser which helps remove debris of makeup and pollutants. Then you immediately follow it up with a foaming cleanser, which leaves your skin nourished and supple.

Exfoliate at least once a week

Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, exfoliate wisely. This helps do away with the tough dead skin cells for a brighter skin. Exfoliating also helps with clogged pores and ensures your skin is breathing and is all set to embrace what’s coming next.

Use toners every day

Toners are not makeup removers. In fact, it is a water-based light moisturizer which seeps into your pores for a healthy skin. Toners are needed to regulate the pH balance and keep fine lines and acnes at bay.

Essence is essential

So far, the beauty steps haven’t been unheard of. Step 4 is where you’ll learn about essence. Essence is the second step to moisturize your skin as the watery texture penetrates deep into the skin and harnesses the effectiveness of other products.

Emulsion is the key

Emulsion is yet another moisturizer. If you are astounded by the intensity of moisturizers used in the routine, you are not alone. But guess what? Korean beauty gurus believe that several layers of thin moisturizer are better than one thick moisturizer that blocks your pores and gives you a greasy skin. Hence, the layers of thin moisturizers are perfect for the Middle East climate. Besides, Korean products use ample of botanical extracts which benefits your skin in unfathomable ways.

Serums and Ampoules – try it or skip it

If your skin thinks emulsion is enough then skip serums. Serums help with redness and rough skin. Serums and ampoules are basically boosters that are intense moisturizers. We can never have enough of these.

Korean sheet masks (Picture Credit: 100% Pure)

Sheet masks are the “it” product

With or without the Korean beauty regime, sheet masks have conquered the beauty market and is spotted everywhere. Sheet masks are sheets soaked in serum and are available for various kinds of benefit including skin brightening and cooling. Summer calls for a perfect cooling mask.

Extra care for your eyes

The skin around your eye is the most sensitive and thin, that is why the first signs of aging first appear around your eyes. Keeping this in mind, the Korean youthful regime ensures to incorporate the special care the skin demands. Eye cream is lavishly applied to moisturize the ultra-thin layers and suspend all signs of aging.

The real moisturizer

The eighth step is sealing a deal with moisturizer. After slathering layers of thin moisturizers, a moisturizing cream is applied to harmoniously blend it all and lock in moisture. This may not be needed if your skin feels satisfied.

Sunscreen is the savior

There’s too much content out there on the benefits of sunscreen, but what is worth noting is that Asian sunscreens offer protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Sunscreen isn’t just confined for a day out in the sun. Apply everyday to secure all the benefits and opt for Korean sunscreens which is best suited for Middle East climate.

Skin benefit when sleeping

When your body is at rest, your body is healing. What better time than that to supplement your skin with repairing properties? Sleeping masks does exactly that. No, it is not a sheet mask, just another layer of moisture designed to work while you’re asleep.

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