The biggest sale of the year is here! Mark your calendars for the day after Thanksgiving and clear your schedule for November 27, 2020. Trust us, you are going to need it. What brands should you look out for? The best buys? The best deals? Stay tuned! We will answer all of that and more. This Black Friday Sale will be all yours to shop your heart out.

VoucherCodesUAE brings you the ultimate Black Friday sale guide to check out exclusive sales and discounts. We also give you insider tips to save a little bit more. Giving you the best deals and offers has always been our goal. Find the coupon codes and promo codes to get deals and discounts from your favorite brands like Namshi, Amazon, 6th Street, Mothercare, and many more. Don’t miss it!

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Black Friday Sale starting date and timing

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Black Friday is the name given to the Friday following Thanksgiving, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Yep, a shopping holiday in the midst of festivities. This year, the date falls right on the day after Thanksgiving November 27. A perfect time to buy gifts and empty your wish list for the Christmas shopping season.

Black Friday Sale timing starts from Thursday midnight, officially. That doesn’t stop brands from stepping up their game. The early sales and offers are given by many brands that you should look out for.

Brands to look out for during the Black Friday Sale

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Black Friday sales never fail to stir chatter in the shopping community. If you’re a smart shopper and getting ready for the sale available now, you’ve come to the right place. The sales are already on their way and with just a day left! You have the time and help to plan out the perfect shopping spree. Let’s do it right!

1. Amazon

Black Friday Sale never fails to deliver, quite literally. Even though Amazon Prime day has ended, they have started gearing up with the Black Friday sale with amazing offers still available now. That being said, Amazon is quite different and one of the best amongst other retailers for this sale right now. You won’t see a specific print ad for, quite frankly, the Biggest Shopping Day of the year. Instead, you will see new deals every hour starting the week of Black Friday.

With the deals on the week of Black Friday, you will also witness a Countdown to Black Friday deals starting from November 1 (along with Cyber Monday deals). You will not get an ad, but the discounts will make up for it. No wonder, Amazon is on every shopper’s list.

2. Noon

Black Friday Sale

How can the Middle East homegrown e-commerce sites get behind on the Black Friday 2020 sale? With always being up for fierce competition with Amazon, they go head to head with their discounts! If you’re looking for the best buy products available now on Black Friday and a great shopping site for the maximum discounts, noon has got your back! It is said to offer some of the lowest prices on electronics, lifestyle, and fashion goods. You will get to see discounts up to 80% on Noon, with free shipping or reduced shipping cost. We would recommend installing the app to get notified about every detail.

To add to the savings, here’s the Noon coupon codes you can use at checkout:-

  • “NBF72”: Extra 10% Off On All Noon Products

There are more codes to be discovered, so visit us soon!

3. AliExpress

Black Friday Sale

AliExpress is the all-for-one shopping site available now and when it comes to Black Friday, they are quite dedicated to their sale scheme. They give coupon codes and free gifts on certain orders, along with discounts of up to 90% on electronics. You will witness a separate section meant for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Clothes, furniture, accessories, appliances, get everything you need on the list because you will find it here.

More Black Friday deals and coupon codes

Black Friday 2020

Black Friday 2020 Deals

Our ultimate goal is to give you the best shopping experience while maximizing your savings. For that, we’ve listed out all the best deals and discount codes available now from the top brands on the web:

BrandCoupon CodeDealAvailability
H&MBUY89530-70% off+extra 30% offthis code is valid for UAE, Saudi Arabia, & Kuwait. Available up to 31/12/2020
6th StreetIJO30-70% off on 6th Street Black Friday Sale+extra 22% offValid till 30/11/2020
NamshiOK4640% off on all discounted and non-discounted itemsValid till 20/04/2021
ONTIMEDCVCUAE Extra 15% off on all itemsValid till 31/12/2020
VogaClosetVCUAEUp to 80% off on thousands of stylesValid up to 31/12/2020
NoonToday43Up to 50% off on mobiles+extra AED 30 offValid till 31/12/2020
Max FashionMH54Extra 10% off sitewideValid till 31/01/2021
FordealFDL50Up to 50%+extra 15% offValid till 29/11/2020
Splash FashionsSF90110% off on your entire orderValid till 30/11/2020
Amazon KSAAMZKSAExtra 15% off on your first purchaseValid till 28/12/2020
GAPFUN30% off sitewide+extra 10% offValid till 31/12/2020
KULVCUGet 30-70% off on Clothes, Shoes, Accessories and moreValid till 31/12/2020
NowNowNO2Flat 15% off on all ordersValid till 14/03/2021
SouqNTA00210% off on your first orderValid till 31/12/2020
EyewaVCUAEUp to 30% off+extra 15% offValid till 01/01/2021
SephoraSP9150%-70% off on all items+extra 5% offValid till 31/12/2020
FarfetchWELC10Flat 10% off on all ordersValid till 10/01/2021
Bloomingdale'sVCUAEUp to 25% off on select brands+extra 20% offValid till 31/12/2020
MumzworldAZ069Up to 90% off+extra 10% offValid till 06/12/2020
Mamas and PapasVCUAEGet 10% off on all ordersValid till 31/12/2020

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How is the Black Friday 2020 sale different?

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The drop in price and discounts are similar to last year. But, shopping behavior is bound to be different. Say thanks to the pandemic, well, only this once, cause your shopping might become more economical. All brands are pushing their Black Friday 2020 deals online. Since most physical run-in stores are closed due to the pandemic, all brands are going to compete to be on your shopping list.

Yes, you’re thinking along the right path! Brands will compete and give you the best deals available on their major products. The key is to compare before you buy!

Black Friday Shopping Guide

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Follow these simple steps to make the most out of this upcoming shopping extravaganza:

  1. Do your research well: If you’re looking for getting the most out of the Black Friday sales, you need to get a good grip on your research and the most efficient ways to save. Make a list of the products you’re planning to invest in during these sales.
  2. Plan where to shop: Knowing when and which sites are having their biggest sales is a must. Plan well and come up with a strategy as to where to shop first. Prioritize your needs as well as the stores you don’t want to miss going to so you don’t miss a good deal.
  3. Don’t fall a bad product: No matter how cheap the prices get, a bad product will always be a bad product. Don’t buy one just because it offers a massive discount.
  4. Check for reviews: These are invaluable sources of feedback. Check out for both positive as well as negative reviews before investing in products.
  5. Grab ‘em first: The early bird catches the worm! In this case, the early shopper gets the best. Don’t wait around for better offers to come lest you might miss out on the good ones. Start shopping early and grab the best.

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More tips for November 27 onwards

black friday tips

The average discount for the Black Friday Sale in the UAE is 45%, which is a good place to invest.

1. Don’t forget to compare: Compare your products on different sites and buy from the site with the top Black Friday deals. That’s the best way to go about electronics, kitchen appliances, and products worth investing in.

2. Install the App: Most of the online stores have their apps usable for Android and iOS. There are numerous benefits that come along with the phone app. Notifications regarding the sale, extra shipping reduction, and membership benefits.

3. Use coupon codes: Find the coupon codes to add to your savings. Trust us and visit us for the best of the latest promo codes and discount codes on every brand at your disposal.

Beware of fake Black Friday deals

Beware of fake Black Friday deals

We know you’re excited and eagerly awaiting the never-seen-before fall in prices.  But as thrilled as you may be regarding all the massive Black Friday sales across the web, let us warn you of the scams that might exist. We are here to walk you through their pros and cons.

This is definitely an opportunity for you to grab some of the best products at their lowest prices. Mind you, make sure you don’t fall for the scams. Whether it is the White Friday or the Black Friday sale, UAE shoppers have been warned by a US-based cybersecurity firm to take extra precautions this week. Scammers always try to take the most advantage of these sales Due to this, fake discounts and phishing attacks are expected to soar online.

How to avoid getting cheated

Avoid fake Black Friday deals

  1. One of the top ways to avoid getting duped during these sales is to compare the prices of the products across different websites. If you come across prices that seem too-good-to-be-true, then you can know for sure that it is fake.
  2. Secondly, try and shop from well-established sites and avoid shopping from never-heard-before kind of sites no matter how good the deals and offers may seem.

November is the month of savings, and if you’ve planned it right, you will end up with a lot of Dirhams still left for the next shopping spree with us. Starting with the 11.11 sale, jumping into the Black Friday sale, and finally ending the sweet spree on Cyber Monday. Put your shopping shoes on and let’s get it!

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