Tired of 2020 already? You can be mad at it for sure but the truth is, it gave everyone the time they needed, space required, and the bizarre trends of 2020, that was definitely the highlight of the year! This year has been bizarre in itself, by making everyone stay at home and hit our daily routine, being quarantined didn’t stop many of us from exploring and getting surprised by the trends that went viral for literally no reason.

2020 was nothing but a year full of surprises, both good and bad. A global pandemic rolled out and now the pollution is at an all-time low, this year can’t simply decide which team it wants to play on. Looking back at the year, we noticed beauty and fashion trends decided to up the scale as well! Let’s look upon the most bizarre fashion trends of 2020, which we promise, you won’t forget for years to come.

Bizarre trends of 2020: Let’s get it!

Two eyeshadow shades

bizarre fashion

Image courtesy: Pinterest

What are the most bizarre fashion trends? Starting with a low bizarre scale, this definitely gave us, a little welp. We certainly weren’t screaming at the screen but boy, it doesn’t work for everybody. Two different eyeshadows shades on each eye- now that’s something only a few can pull off and not be considered as a “Halloween makeup”. If you love it, give it a try! Who knows, you may bring it back and slay the game.

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Flower Vase… Hair?

Bizarre fashion of 2020

Image courtesy: Pinterest

So, one fine day when the world was enjoying the season of fall, a Canadian blogger decided that she wanted to be a flower vase. We are not kidding, Taylor R  (on the right), who is the mother of this trend, currently living in Hong Kong wanted to wear florals. What better way than real flowers for the day, right?

How did she come up with the #FlowerVaseHair challenge? She wrapped her hair around an empty water bottle, elastics to secure the bottle, and just inserting some flowers. There you have it, an internet trend, that we doubt anyone would do in real life. If you want to add a foot or two to your height, we say go for it! These are bizarre new fashion trends.

Fur lips

bizarre trends 2020

image courtesy: Pinterest

Don’t ask us how or why, but yes it exists! We are not sure how it did come by this year, 2020 no longer surprises us, to be honest. If you are wondering what it is, it is exactly what you think it is. It is there and an absolute contender on the list of bizarre trends of 2020.

It is quietly dying, as it should. No shade but who even thought of that?

More bizarre fashion

Covid Nail Art

Bizarre trends of 2020

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Another reminder of human talent during the quarantine. An exceptional work of art and an excellent reminder of the virus amongst us, even on our nails… Okay, no, it’s weird and more on the bizarre side. A shot or two for the gram is worth it, but a full-fledged look must come with a PPE kit.

Designer masks

Bizarre Fashion trends of 2020

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Okay, we know everyone should wear a mask, it has become a necessity but it is also true that a DIY face mask or a simple reusable cotton one can do the job just fine. Paying a whopping amount for high-end brands like Gucci, Versace, or such doesn’t make a difference for the virus. Designer face masks have certainly become one of the bizarre trends for 2020 when no one actually cared for a mask one year ago. Oops!

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