Cold food on your plate is the last thing you want after a long and tiring day. Forget about a slow cooker or some other heated cooking surface, it’s a hassle to get your food heated in a pan on your regular gas stove. So get a nice microwave oven, toss your food in and heat easily.

Apart from this, why not try out some great recipes. There are different types of microwave ovens and for various purposes. We’re here to guide you on just that- all you need to know about this kitchen appliance and a list of the best microwave ovens for your perfect kitchen.

Keeping in mind every range, VoucherCodesUAE brings you the best microwave ovens in UAE available on Amazon UAE.

Best microwave ovens in UAE

Microwave ovenBest PriceTypeCapacity
Samsung Solo Microwave with Quick DefrostAED 310Solo23 liters
Black+Decker Microwave OvenAED 248Solo20 liters
Black+Decker  Microwave Oven with GrillAED 344Grill30 liters
Samsung 28 Liters Microwave Grill & Convection with Healthy CookingAED 543Convection28 liters
Mini Electric Convection Oven Vertical Bakery Toaster TimerAED 880Convention12 liters

Types of microwave ovens

With inside panels and doors usually made of stainless steel, these ovens are usually lightweight and convenient to use. It’s most crucial to choose the perfect microwave for your family. Keep in mind the food habits and the purpose of the microwave and choose what’s most appropriate for you.

1. Solo or conventional microwave oven

Solo Microwave oven- types of ovens

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These microwave ovens are mostly used only to reheat foodstuffs. This falls cheaper than an OTG or even the grill and convection type.

Solo microwaves don’t serve the purpose of preparing fancy cuisine and desserts. These home appliances are most appropriate for the busy lot, the bachelors, and students who do not find much interest in preparing meals.

2. Grill microwaves


Black+Decker 30 Liter Combination Microwave Oven with Grill, Silver - MZ3000PG-B5, 2 Years Warranty

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These ovens are used to warm food like all other ovens. They have an additional feature of grilling vegetables and meat. These simulate the outdoor grill by getting the meat cooked evenly inside and browning the exterior.

Grill microwave ovens are appropriate for families and those who love homemade savories.

3. Convection microwaves


Panasonic 25 Liters Solo Microwave, Silver - NNST34H, 1 Year Warranty

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This type of convection oven is the most popular today. With the multi-functional benefits of warming, grilling, and baking, these are the most useful ones.

Who should opt for these? For those of you who love trying out new recipes and all sorts of homemade delicacies, this cooking appliance is just for you.

Convention VS Convection

A conventional or solo microwave oven heats up your edibles with microwave technology. These emit microwaves that pass through the containers and warm the foodstuffs by heat action on the water molecules. These are normally used to warm frozen food right out of the freezer and make it almost as good as fresh food.

Microwave convection ovens however use microwave technology along with a fan to cause movement to circulate the heated air and cause even cooking inside out. These can be used for baking cakes as well. Remember, microwaves are more of heaters than dryers.

Things to remember while choosing your best microwave oven

Ovens in UAE - Things to remember

Size of the microwave

Besides opting for only popular brands or brand names while choosing the most appropriate microwave, it’s most crucial to select the right size. This mostly depends upon the number of people the microwave needs to serve.

If you live alone 15 liters is just enough. For a small family with 3-4 family members, you can get one with 18- 20 liters capacity and for larger families or a commercial kitchen, you want to look for ovens above 23- 25 liters capacity.

Who is the microwave for?

If you are buying it for the elderly, you might want to look for something which is simple and easy to use and handle.

Complex machinery might get too problematic with your grandparents especially if they are old-school. However, some of them might just be tech-savvy like anyone of us, so the above guidelines do not apply to them.

Automatic Sensors

Some microwaves come with automatic sensors and shut down automatically to prevent edibles from getting over-cooked. So you might want to get one of these types for better and more convenient use. Come to think of it, technology has made life so much easier, hasn’t it? Just like how a washing machine makes washing clothes so much easier or a refrigerator helps prevent wastage of eatables and dishwashers do you-know-what, microwave ovens not only help save time but also let you enjoy hot, steaming meals.

Control panel

Mechanical control panels are easier to use and have lesser chances of failure than touch screen ones. However, both are available in the market and the choice is yours.

Power rating

Small-sized microwaves consume less power than bigger ones. However, the speed of your cooking depends greatly on the power rating. Your food will cool faster if you have a higher power rating.

Child safety lock

This feature is most important for a family with children. The electric lock prevents any form of misuse of the oven and prevents mishaps.

Is it for home or office use?

If you are buying the oven for your home, you might want to look for one with a wider range of features like preheating or in-built local recipes.

However, if it is for your office, you might just want one which provides good reheating benefits.

Best microwave ovens

Solo Microwave ovens

1. Samsung Solo Microwave with Quick Defrost

Capacity: 23 liters

Warranty: 1yr

Samsung Solo Microwave with Quick Defrost

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  • Quick Thaw: The automatic thawing algorithm calculates the correct defrosting time for 5 common types of foodstuffs and defrosts them evenly and fast.
  • Eco Mode reduces energy consumption with the industry’s lowest standby power. So cut down your electricity bills.
  • Deodorization: forces air into the inner cavity to get rid of any lingering smells.
  • Ceramic Enamel Interior: easy to clean without scrubbing and is scratch-free.
  • Local Recipes: wide range of pre-programmed local recipes. This in turn means that you can try all your local recipes without much trouble.

2. Black+Decker Microwave Oven

Capacity: 20 liters

Warranty: 2 years

Black+Decker Microwave Oven

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  • Counter Top Design: for uniform warming and defrosting purposes.
  • Wattage: 700 W
  • Power Modes: This comes with five different power modes and a 35-minute timer which in turn offers the flexibility of usage.
  • Manual Defrost: by time and weight.
  • Compact Design: does not consume too much space. Furthermore, it is a very durable product making in one of the best microwave ovens.

Grill microwave oven

Black+Decker  Microwave Oven with Grill

Capacity: 30 liters

Warranty: 2 yr

Black+Decker Microwave Oven with Grill

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AED: 344

  • Wattage: 1000 W
  • Power: This has five levels of microwave power. So you can select the intensity of preparing or warming your meal.
  • Easy to use: The digital display comes with an auto menu function. This in turn lets you cook your foodstuffs with the press of a button.
  • Attractive appearance: The oven has a subtle yet sophisticated design. Furthermore the enigmatic silver finish blends into any home decor.

Convection microwave oven

1. Samsung 28 Liters Microwave Grill & Convection with Healthy Cooking

Capacity: 28 liters

Warranty:1 yr

Samsung 28 Liters Microwave Grill & Convection with Healthy Cooking- best convection ovens

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AED: 543

  • Space Utility: This oven lets you make most of all the space. You can disable the turntable anytime to utilize every part of the oven cavity.
  • Fermentation technology: This oven uses advanced fermentation technology which sets just the right temperature. So you can enjoy your homemade bread, yogurt, and fresh meals anytime.
  • Deodorization: helps get rid of any lingering smells in the oven.
  • Other features: These include 15 pre-set cook modes for fresh and healthy meals. The Ceramic Enamel Cavity makes cleaning and maintenance easy.

2. Mini Electric Convection Oven Vertical Bakery Toaster Timer

Capacity: 12 liters

Mini Electric Convection Oven Vertical Bakery Toaster Timer - best baking ovens

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AED: 880

  • Temperature and time control: this helps you complete your favorite dishes. The 360° ensures even the cooking of the foodstuff.
  • Multifunctional: This oven can be used to prepare grilled fish, pizza, croquettes, or cakes. Furthermore, this oven comes with preheating technology to meet all requirements of a mini oven.
  • Efficient Energy Saving: The energy-saving feature of this mini oven makes it cheaper because they spend less energy and less heating and cooling time.
  • Automatic Shut Off: The oven shuts off automatically after the cooking is done.
  • Compact Design: The mini oven is ideal for small spaces. The 12-liter compact design meets all requirements of a good oven

Answering myths and beliefs related to microwave ovens: Fact check!

Microwave myths - reality check

1. Microwaving your food kills the proteins and nutrients

Microwave use does not necessarily kill your proteins and nutrients. Any form of cooking causes proteins, vitamins, fatty acids and other nutrients to break down to a certain extent. The amount lost is, in turn, the same, whether you cook it on a stove or a microwave.

2. All Non-metal dishes are safe for microwave use

Although most plastic containers come labeled as microwave-safe or BPA-free, according to recent research, using plastic for the microwave may lead to harmful chemicals being released into your eatables.

You can always replace your plastic containers with ceramic or glass containers.

3. Consuming Microwave Cooked Food Causes Cancer

This is not true! Microwave cooking does not bring about any different changes in the composition of foodstuffs. These are just like any other form of cooking.

“Microwaves do not use x-rays or gamma rays, and they do not make food radioactive”- American Cancer Society.

With all these in mind, you’ll get your best microwave ovens. Convenient, easy to use, and the most efficient ones right on your phone screen. Just get your favorite meal from the fridge, warm it and enjoy!

Add on these appliances with your coffee makers. and essential kitchen tools and get the complete modern kitchen. Let the unbeatable aroma of your makings fill your air.

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