Smooth, shiny, bouncy, and thick! Everyone wants their hair just that way. So ladies, get ready to achieve that salon-like bounce and shine sitting right at home with these best hair curlers for every budget! It’s a great feeling, knowing you look just breathtaking with your beautiful hair falling perfectly on your shoulders. Moreover, since the lockdown is lifted, it’s high time you step out and dress up for the gram.

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Advantages and disadvantages of using hair curlers

Girl with hair curlers with green face mask

Needless to say, hair curlers have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, there’s nothing you can’t overcome with a little bit of precaution and care. We are here to guide you to do just that.


  • The looks: Hair curlers give your hair the perfect bounce and shine. They help add a lot of volume to your hair in turn giving you the exotic trendy look
  • Hair curlers have been modified over the years to give you an even distribution of heat throughout your hair. The results? Less damage and that’s all you need right!
  • More convenient use: No one can argue that hair curlers are more convenient as compared to rollers. In terms of time management, especially, using curler rods saves a lot if you are busy.
  • Curlers come in different sizes. Whether you want ringlets or beach waves it’s all on you to decide. For a greater choice in hairstyles, you can’t look for anything else.


  • Dry hair: The moisture in your hair, is dried up by the regular heat curlers. That leads to dry hair, split ends, and breakage.
  • Breaking hair: The lack of moisture is the number one cause of hair breakage.
  • Thinning: Losing the volume of your hair is never a good sign!

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How to prevent hair damage?

Fear not, you can easily avoid the above mishaps with small precautions.

  • First and foremost, use heat protection serums and sprays before curling.

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  • Get your hair oiled at least once a week.

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  • Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner.

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The best hair curlers on Noon

VoucherCodesUAE brings you the best hair curlers for your flawless look right from Noon. So get styling at home and save up on all your salon expenses. You can save on your orders with Noon Coupon Codes.

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1. Philips Hair Curler

Price: AED 109

Philips Hair curler- best hair curlers

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The Philips BHB862 hair curler comes with various great features and ensures good quality hair styling.

  • The Curler rod is ceramic coated for extra protection and smooth styling
  • The maximum heating temperature is 200°C and takes 60 seconds to heat which is quick.
  • The curler has been designed with LED Light to indicate when the device is ready to use.
  • Furthermore, the Cool tip ensures safer and more convenient use.

2. Philips StyleCare Multi Hair Straightener And Curler

Price: AED 199

Philips hair straighter and curler- best hair curlers

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What’s better than getting a straighter and a curler at the price of one. With this Phillips straighter and curler, you get just that.

  • The ceramic coating helps in easy use and more protection.
  • The tiling temperature goes to a maximum of 210°C and the device takes 60 seconds to heat
  • The changing of attachments comes with a one-click design. Simply push the button, hold the cold tip, and release.
  • The maximum voltage consumption is 110-240 volts. Furthermore, the cable is up to 1.8 m long hence making it easier for you to move around with the device. 

3. Bed Head: Adjustable Waver Hair Curler

Price: AED 339

Bed Head: Adjustable Waver Hair Curler- best hair curlers

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Beach waves and curls, choose what you like best! Alternate your hairstyle and look like you’re right out of the salon every day.

  • The ceramic heater ensures fast heat and recovery. Say bye to long impatient waits.
  • Temperatures can go up to a high degree to ensure speed and efficiency. So you can get your waves and curls without spending too much time before the mirror.
  • The ultra-high heat is however resisted by the unique housing.
  • The ultra-lightweight added to the slim design are a blessing. Don’t worry about a painful wrist!

4. Quattro Professional Auto Curler- best hair curlers

Price: AED 405

Quattro Professional Auto Curler- best hair curlers

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Want to look picture perfect? Want shining hair and bouncy curls and waves? Get just that with the Quattro Professional Auto Curler.

  • The Quattro Professional curler comes with Korean ceramic technology. This gives more convenient usage along with better hair protection for your valuable hair.
  • Get rid of extension cords with the 2.70m long swivel cord. Also, manage around your room conveniently without pulling or shifting your mirrors.
  • The voltage consumption is 240V.
  • Furthermore, a special spring-loaded handle has been installed. So get a better grip on your hair with the special professional grip.
  • The cool tip helps in safer and more convenient use hence preventing heat burns.

5. IKONIC Professional Multi Tong Hair Curler Black

Price: AED 690.95

IKONIC Professional Multi Tong Hair Curler Black- best hair curlers

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Want to try many styles? This professional multi-tong curler does just that. The different barrels designed just to suit your requirements facilitate multiple styles.

  • This curler comes with a two-barrel curler for multi curls. The extra-wide middle barrel gives the deepest waves for your perfect look.
  • Furthermore, the curler has tourmaline ceramic barrel technology. This in turn reduces frizz and gives extra shine to your hair.
  • The digital display provides an adjustable temperature range. So choose your optimum temperature from 120°C and 230°C
  • The curler further has a 360° tangle-free swivel cord with a 9 feet long cord.

Things to remember

Get your curls today at home with these best hair curlers. However, do forget the following:

  • Use heat protection spray before curling.
  • After curling for a long-lasting effect use hair spray.

Hair setting spray

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Price: AED 194

Tired of the same old hairstyles? Get experimenting with these great curlers. This summer flatter yourself sitting right at home. Check these best straighteners for a more diverse look. From skincare for festival-ready skin to a fit body, get it right at home without spending money on the gym or salon.

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