A fresh cup of coffee is definitely the right way to start the day! Why settle for instant brews when you can enjoy real aroma with the best coffee beans in the United Arab Emirates? We researched and curated this list for coffee lovers.

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Say Hello To Coffee With The Best Coffee Beans in UAE:

Cup filled with coffee beans

Take a tour of these bestselling coffee beans for a cup of flavor and aroma. In no particular order, we have a list of our favorite coffee bean brands in the country. Don’t you worry, Noon.com has it all covered for you! Relax and get the latest discounts on your orders!

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Best Coffee Beans in the UAE

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Coffee Planet provides one of the best coffee beans in UAE with flavor you will fall in love with. This African blend has notes of green apple, orange, and lemon in every cup. Arabica options are available in bags or capsules.

The company produces 100 percent pure Arabica coffee blends, including Single Origin varieties from Colombia, Burundi, India, Indonesia, and Ethiopia, as well as decaffeinated and organic alternatives.

Price: AED 19.10


Best Coffee Beans in the UAE

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Fairouz Coffee has Specialty Arabica Beans selected from various origins and farms. Coffee Beans are all about sourcing the perfect beans and packaging them in the best possible way! The quality of the bean, service, and experience of enjoying quality coffee is their standard. You can also shop for Fairouz’s wide range of flavors.

Price: AED 55.00


Best Coffee Beans in the UAE

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Honduras coffee Honduran coffee is a rich Arabica bean found in the UAE, typically wet-processed. It is often used as a good base for blending with other coffees but is also sold as a single-origin coffee bean. It has a delicately smooth texture with a slightly sweet flavor when lightly roasted. Honduran beans come in all styles and flavors, so you’re sure to find a favorite.

Price: AED 98.00

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Amor perfecto coffee beans black packet

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Amor Perfecto Coffee is the most awarded Colombian Specialty coffee. Each of these coffee bags is filled with perfectly roasted beans with an intense and fruity aroma to add to your enjoyment. The medium and creamy body of the coffee beans is perfectly balanced between notes of red berries, citrus, and chocolate. All these freshly ground beans have been carefully selected for both your hot and cold brews.

Price: AED 115.00


Best Coffee Beans in the UAE

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Kava Noir Beans are organic whole coffee beans containing a blend of Arabica and Robusta from Central America, Africa, India, and Ethiopia. It is complex with a sour sweetness evoking grapefruit and a bright aromatic finish. The coffee beans are roasted in state-of-the-art facilities in the UAE by skilled technicians to ensure only the best quality for your consumption.

Price: AED 80.00



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Gold Box offers you the best of everything. They use a flavor palette for coffee beans; From brown sugar, jasmine, and dragon fruit to blackberry, pecan caramel – and everything in between. These beans are carefully roasted to provide a rich, deeply robust pour for your early morning calls. Coffee beans are perfect with espresso or milk.

Price: AED 71.00


Best Coffee Beans in the UAE

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Lavazza cream beans have a rich creamy and aromatic flavor profile. The Super Crema blend offers notes of roasted hazelnuts and brown sugar and all the harmony of Italian espresso. It has an aromatic blend of floral and fruity notes. The beans have a soft texture and a compact creaminess. This flavor profile consists of a high proportion of Arabica coffee beans and a balanced roast, providing a rich aromatic intensity.

Price: AED 89.95


Best Coffee Beans in the UAE

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Illy, the best Arabica coffee Classico, Medium Roast is a classic roast coffee with a persistent sweetness and delicate notes of caramel, orange blossom, and jasmine. The unique pressurized packaging enhances the aroma of the coffee and ensures optimum freshness while maintaining the flavor and complexity of the illy blend.

Price: AED 49.95


Segafredo coffee beans

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Segafredo blends the most famous and admired Italian coffee beans. Segafredo now offers a range of locally roasted coffee beans, Extra Strong, Extra Mild, Massimo, and Alleanza. The blends are a combination of coffee varieties that are roasted together to deliver distinctively smooth, rich flavor notes for versatile taste in every cup. You can try now.

Price: AED 92.00

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