O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, Your branches green delight us! 

This Holiday season, deck the halls with the perfect Tannenbaum that looks just out of the movies! Replicate your Christmas fantasy with mistletoes, stockings on the fireplace mantel, and a Christmas tree with leaves so verdant! To help you with your hunt we have accumulated the best Christmas trees in UAE so you can save time on that Christmas shopping spree!

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Best Artificial Extra Full Christmas Trees in UAE

1. Aiwanto 180cm 700 Tips Artificial Christmas Tree

Buy-Aiwanto-180cm-700-Tips-Christmas-Tree-Xmas-Tree-Artificial-Tree from Carrefour UAE


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Price: AED 279.99AED 239.99


  • Brand: Aiwanto
  • Type: Artificial Christmas tree
  • Size of the tree: 5.9ft (180cm)
  • Metals stands

This Christmas you don’t need to cut costs in buying the most realistic appearing Christmas tree. Looking for a Christmas tree that looks perfect and is also easy on your pockets? Carrefour UAE is the stop to getting your evergreen pine. The well-placed and generous 700 PVC tips give you plenty of space to hang your favorite ornaments. Plus point the tree uses metal stands instead of the cheap plastic stand making them eco-friendly and reusable. Buy Extra Full. It’s the season of sharing!

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2. Feeric Leafly Prince Polyethylene Artificial Christmas Tree (198 x 300 cm)

Buy Feeric Leafly Prince Polyethylene Artificial Christmas Tree (198 x 300 cm) at ACE Hardware


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Price: AED 1,999AED 999


  • Brand: Feeric Leafly Prince
  • Type: Artificial Christmas tree
  • Size of the tree: 6.4ft (198cm)
  • Integrated lights

The Feeric Leafly Prince Polyethylene Artificial Christmas Tree (6.4 ft) is the perfect choice for any home. Each branch is made of a high-quality material that ensures durability and stable base construction. This tree has been crafted with love to create an elegant, natural-looking, and realistic artificial Christmas tree. The lights are integrated within the tips of the branches so you can easily insert them into your strings and save on buying extra lights. Bonus point you are getting this luxuriously bushy Christmas Tree for half the price! That’s a bargain!

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3. SINCHER Pink Artificial 195cm 1600 tips Christmas Tree

SINCHER-Artificial-Christmas-Tree-Spruce-6-4ft-Pink-Artificial-Holiday-Xmas-Tree at Amazon


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  • Brand: SINCHER
  • Type: Artificial Christmas tree
  • Size of the tree: 6.4ft (195cm)
  • Decorative items included (5 kinds of free accessories)

This Ho Ho season takes a different route on your decor by decking the halls pink with this Pink Artificial Christmas tree! Pink Tree, Pink walls, and pink decor! The perfect recipe for a theme Christmas interior. The 1600 full fluffy branch tips provide a fuller and more pretty appearance with a unique flare.

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4. Dollar Plus 180cm Christmas Tree

Dollar-Plus-Christmas-Tree-180cm-UAE-Dubai at Noon


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Price: AED 165.00AED 100.00


  • Brand: Dollar Plus
  • Type: Artificial Christmas tree
  • Size of the tree: 5.9ft (180cm)

The Dollar Plus Artificial Christmas tree ticks all the boxes when it comes to budget, appearance, and size. This 180cm tall tree is ideal for someone who’s not into an over-the-top tree. In fact, in this case, simplicity is the key to elegance!

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5. Best Choice Products Premium Snow Flocked Artificial Holiday Christmas Pine Tree

Best-Choice-Products-6ft-Premium-Snow-Flocked-Artificial-Holiday-Christmas-Pine-Tree from Desertcart


Buy now

Price: AED 859

Features of the product:

  • Brand: Best Choice Products
  • Type: Artificial Christmas tree
  • Size of the tree: 6ft (182.88cm)

How many times have you watched a Christmas movie and wondered what it’s like to be celebrating Christmas in the North! Well, the chilly Northern winter is hard to replicate, although the visual feelings are achievable. Deck your halls with a Snow Flocked Christmas Pine tree and feel the winter wonder this holiday season!

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6. Ferns N Petals 6 ft Fresh Xmas Tree with Decoration

6-Feet-Fresh-Xmas-Tree-with-Decoration-in-uae from Ferns N Petals


Buy now

Price: AED 1499 AED 1,299

Features of the product:

  • Brand: Ferns N Petals
  • Type: Fresh Christmas tree
  • Size of the tree: 6ft (182.88cm)
  • Decorative items included (Gift Wrapped Empty Boxes for Decoration & Tree Stand)

Double your festive spirit by opting for real and fresh Christmas Trees from Ferns N Petals. Ferns N Petals offer their customers fresh and natural-looking artificial Christmas trees too. Brighten up your Christmas decor with a 6ft real evergreen pine that comes with gifts wrapped empty boxes for decoration and a tree stand to hold the beauty!

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7. West Elm 274 cm Faux Unlit Spruce Tree



Buy now

Price: AED 2,650.00AED 1,325.00

Features of the product:

  • Brand: West Elm
  • Type: Artificial Christmas tree
  • Size of the tree: 9ft (274cm)
  • Decorative items not included

If extra is what you are looking for this Ho Ho season, then you must consider this 9ft tall Faux Unlit Spruce Tree that screams extra in all aspects. The extra volume on the branches makes the tree look extra full and fluffy. Making them one of the best Christmas trees in UAE.

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8. Kibsons Artificial-270cm Christmas Tree

Kibsons Christmas Tree


Buy now

Price: AED 470.00


  • Brand: Kibsons
  • Type: Artificial Christmas tree
  • Size of the tree: 8.85ft (270cm)
  • Decorative items not included

Kibsons is known for delivering the best Christmas trees in UAE for a long time. From real, fresh to artificial yet realistic appearing pine trees they have it all. Moreover, they always provide the best price for all their quality products. Decorate your space with the 270cm Artificial Christmas tree this festive season.

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9.LuLu Hypermarket Siam Xmas Tree Green 7ft

Siam-Xmas-Tree-Green-7ft from LuLu Hypermarket


Buy now

Price: AED 199.00


  • Brand: Siam
  • Type: Artificial Christmas tree
  • Size of the tree: 7ft (213.36cm)

If you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to spruce up your home this holiday season, look no further than the Siam Christmas tree from LuLu Hypermarket. The shopping center offers an extensive selection of artificial Christmas trees in various sizes and colors that are budget-friendly.

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