Holiday joy and cheer aren’t complete without a family movie night! Too many options? We chose the best Christmas movies on Netflix to make your night a little more jolly.

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Best Christmas Movies on Netflix in 2021

10. A Christmas Prince

Best Christmas movies on Netflix - Christmas Prince

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New movies are released every year, and Netflix has never disappointed us with a lineup of original Christmas movies. Before visiting other movies for this year, let’s look at the movie that is considered the starting point of all Christmas movies on Netflix: A Christmas Prince.

A cheesy romcom is something we all need! The story of Amber, an ambitious young journalist tasked to find any juicy news of a crowned prince. Yes, like Genovia, he’s a prince of a fake (we wish it was real!) country, Aldovia.

From strangers to confessing their love, this movie brings out a real Christmas miracle. Don’t you worry about not getting enough drama, because the two sequels will be waiting to be binged upon! “The Royal Wedding” and “The Royal baby” should definitely be on your list!

9. Holiday Rush

Christmas movies on Netflix - Holiday Rush

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Romance, comedy, and drama, this 2019 holiday film gives us all. Holiday Rush will tell you the story of a widower who has to take care of not just one but four spoiled kids.

At the brink of the holiday season, he loses his job and has to cut down on any unnecessary expenses. The untainted, pure message of family, love, and sacrifices for each other gives it a spot on the best Christmas movies on Netflix 2021 for us.

This movie really shows that, at the end of the day, a meal with your family matters more than anything! Ready for the warm feelings? You better be. On another note, don’t guilt-trip your kids after watching the movie.

8. The Princess Switch: Switched Again

Christmas movies on Netflix - Switched Again

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The much-awaited sequel to The Princess Switch has arrived. Having your double as a princess, swapping places, falling in love, and becoming the Duchess would already be a handful! Now, Duchess Margaret unexpectedly inherits the throne, will she survive the pressure? Will Princess Stacy help her patch up with the boyfriend? Or a third look-alike will ruin their plans?

Vanessa Hudgens plays three completely different characters and keeps us fed with the drama and belly laughs. Don’t miss it.

7. Christmas on the square

Christmas movies on Netflix - Christmas on the square

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A sappy happy Christmas movie? Nope. The movie starts with a halt to the cheer and joy when a cold-hearted woman tried to sell the land of her old hometown. Yep, you heard that right.

The eviction notice isn’t something anyone likes to see on the holiday season! Especially if it makes you leave right before Christmas Eve. So, what will happen if an angel appears and wants her to change? Who’s the angel, our own Dolly Parton! Ears are going to be blessed with the music and lyrics for 14 songs by Dolly Parton.

Will an angel, music, and Christmas spirit warm her heart, or the new Scrooge will just wipe everything away? Find out yourself and have a dolly Christmas.

6. The Knight before Christmas

Christmas movies on Netflix - The Knight before Christmas

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Did you ever wish to find your Knight in shining armor? If you did, we think this 2019 movie would be worth a watch!

Sir Cole (played by Josh Whitehouse), a knight who travels from the 14th century to the present world to fulfill his real duty as a knight. In the present world, Brooke Winters (played by Vanessa Hudgens), has given up on true fairy tale love.

Destiny makes these two stars crossed lovers to meet. Will they realize and confess their feelings before it’s too late? Or will they never get their happily ever after ever again?

5. The Holiday Calendar

Christmas movies on Netflix - The Holiday Calendar

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A talented yet struggling photographer, Abby receives an Advent calendar from her grandfather which seems to be magical. Grandparents really are the best, aren’t they?

The seemingly boring calendar starts predicting her days, filling it up with joy, happiness, and even love? This 2018 American romance movie makes the whole festive season magical. Reminding all of us, to have a little more faith and lots of courage in ourselves.

4. The Christmas Chronicles 1 & 2

Christmas movies on Netflix - The Christmas Chronicles

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There is nothing more dangerous than someone plotting to cancel Christmas! That too, forever. Katie, a teenager, is reunited with Santa Claus to stop the mischief.

Will the holiday season be canceled? An elf trying to cancel Christmas? There are so many questions and one solution. Enjoy the movie!

3. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Christmas movies on Netflix - Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

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A toymaker who is the most joyful in town becomes distraught with the death of his wife and his newest invention stolen by his trusted apprentice. Even finding out that his book of inventions has been stolen by the same person. Tough luck!

Severing his ties with his daughter, 30 years later, his granddaughter is ready to help him find his way. It is up to his granddaughter to help with the invention and bond with her mother and grandfather.

This musical masterpiece of 2020, deserves a clap for the capturing story. Truth be told, this is going to be marked as a family favorite for this holiday season!

2. Klaus

Best Christmas Movie Klaus

Jesper, a lazy, spoiled postman, gets posted to a frozen town in the north. Where he meets a man named Klaus, who is a toymaker. Together they form a friendship and deliver toys to kids in need, make a naughty list and even, throw the gift down the chimneys. He even hires a reindeer sled to carry all the toys around.

Does it sound familiar to someone who visits everyone on Christmas? Yes, the movie shows the birth of the myth of Santa Claus. The 2D animated story holds so much soul and festive spirit, it had to be one of the best Christmas movies on Netflix.

1. The Grinch

Christmas movies on Netflix - The Grinch

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For someone who tried to steal Christmas, “The Grinch” certainly deserves its place on number one for years to come. Benedict Cumberbatch successfully followed Jim Carrey in the portrayal of The Grinch, and we love it!

This animated fantasy-comedy is going to tickle you in all the right places. The sole message of being surrounded by loved ones, with all the right intentions and pure heart is much more important than fancy parties is loud and clear.

Even Grinch’s heart swells and becomes immersed in Christmas Spirit, how can anyone deny the magic? If you have never looked at “The Grinch”, we suggest you look for “How the Grinch stole Christmas”. You will love it!

Have a wonderful Christmas with the best movies on Netflix!

That’s it! That’s the end of our list of the best Christmas movies on Netflix. Netflix has much more to offer, so don’t hesitate to explore.

Have a great Christmas and holiday season with your loved ones. Get your house ready with all the right decorations, find time for your family and spend your time properly. After all, even the movies tell us that nothing is more important than being surrounded and grounded by the ones who care the most.

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