Prioritizing good sleep is a pure form of self-love.

Statistics say that an average person in the world is getting 6.8 hours of sleep, which is far below the recommended 8 hours. Almost 62% of adults don’t feel like they are getting enough sleep. If you feel the same, let’s get you in touch with some good sleeping habits.

Before getting into the good sleeping habits checklist, let us understand why sleep is necessary, consequences of not getting enough sleep and necessity of good sleeping habits.

Science behind sleeping

Human body never fails to surprise us, there’s so much to learn about ourselves. Let me take you through the journey called the “Science of Sleep.”

Good sleeping habits

Humans follow a 24-hour repeating rhythm, also known as the circadian rhythm. This rhythm in our bodies behaves like a clock. Yes, out of everything your body could be, it decided to be a clock! This clock depends on stimuli such as light and darkness, and chemicals maintaining the sleep cycles.

These three chemicals work in harmony to provide with the right and adequate amount of good sleep for your body.

  1. Adenosine helps in building the desire for sleep throughout the day while your brain works.
  2. Melatonin creates drowsy feelings that signals you move your tired self into the bed!
  3. Cortisol gives you the triggers for your body to wake up naturally.

What is stopping you from your desired amount of sleep?

Good sleeping habits stress

The insane routine of our daily lives can make us suffer in many ways. One of these would be the lack of good sleeping habits. Though, there are many factors contributing to this huge problem, we will discuss the main ones.

  1. Hectic schedules:  Heavy workload, be it from work or school, can leave a long lasting impact on your sleep schedule. It is not surprising that most of us, value completing our responsibilities and work over the adequate amount of sleep.
  2. Technology: In the new age space of technology, let just say, we have forgotten the perception of day and nighttime. Entertainment and work is easier to access, but we tend to neglect the direct and negative impact of those machines, we use on a day basis. Yep! I am talking to all the night owls and gamers, the blue light is messing with your eyes. Here, use this blue light glasses from Eyewa, to keep your eyes safe.
  3. Stress: It marks the path of every living being, be it financial, emotional or something related to family. The ongoing pandemic just puts the cherry on the stress cake. Making you replay the situation over and over, giving your eyes no shut time! Give yourself a stress-free Quarantine with Yoga. It will work.

Other factors include disruptors such as caffeine, food etc, few hours before sleep. It may be also cause by medical conditions such as insomnia, RLS, snoring, nacrolepsy and other such conditions.

Why is adequate amount of sleep necessary?

The amount of sleep required vary from person to person according to their age:

AgeOptimal sleep time
Newborns (0–3 months)14–17 hours
Infants (4–12 months)12–16 hours
Toddler (1–2 years)11–14 hours
Preschool (3–5 years)10–13 hours
School kids(6–12 years)9–12 hours
Teen (13–18 years) 8–10 hours
Adult (18–60 years)7-plus hours
Adult (61–64 years) 7–9 hours
Adult (65+ years)7–8 hours

Now that you understand the sleep cycle, let’s slowly go into why is it necessary. Sleep is as important as a balanced diet and regular exercise in regard to health. Good sleeping habits are essential to maintain the optimal state of well-being.

Good sleeping habits

Maintaining your concentration and cognitive abilities throughout the day, giving you a better atheletic performance and emotional intelligence, these are the few benefits associated with good sleeping habits and a good night’s rest.

If you have an ongoing sleep deprivation for an extended period of time it can result in severe conditions, such as depression, weak immune system, high blood pressure etc. It can be easily avoided by getting enough rest and letting you body adjust to good sleeping habits for a well rested start.

Good sleeping habits sleep deprivation

Good sleeping habits with bedtime essentials

There are some important factors that can lend a hand to your sleep cycle. Inserting good sleeping habits into your daily routine can really make a huge difference between just resting and getting good sleep.

Good sleeping habits

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Get yourself a routine

Go to bed every day and wake up at the same time every day is the rule number one of good sleeping habits. Even if it’s on the weekend. It will help your brain to ingrain the rhythm of sleep.

Good sleeping habits

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Get comfortable

A comfortable mattress can set your bed for success. Constantly shifting around at night and waking up in pain are signs of your mattress is worn out. Good sleeping habits form on soft mattresses.

Best mattress

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Cool down to relax

We know that to get a good night’s sleep, we need a cool temperatures. You can have a smart air conditioner which can regulate temperature. Along with that your humidity level has to be right too. Depending upon your room’s humidity level, you can either get a humidifier or a de-humidifier.

Get rid of the blockers

Be it the people you live with or your neighborhood, they might not want to share your good sleeping habits. Noise and light can creep into your room.

Get yourself an eye mask to get rid of the light creeping out from the next door. This 3D Contoured Cup Sleeping Mask comes with earplugs, helping you get the good sleep you want.

Good sleeping habits

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If it’s too noisy for you to sleep, we recommend some earplugs or a white noise machine. You can invest in this White noise machine.

Good sleeping habits

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Providing you soothing nature sounds to help you destress and sleep without a worry.

Reading a book

Reading books

Reading few pages before going to sleep every night is one of the good sleeping habits. A physical book is much better than a tablet or phone to help you relax. Lucky for you, we have the list of must read books during quarantine, which will make you relax and ready for a night’s rest.

Sleep is an important part of our life and it is often valued less than our work. Understand the necessity and keep yourself in your optimal state of health with good sleeping habits.