There’s no denying that Bath & Body Works offers the widest variety of fragrances. You can get a waft of the scents from Bath & Body Works through their wide range of products. Some must-try items from the brand include body showers, body lotions, body butter and more. But if there’s one niche at which the brand reigns supreme, it’s definitely the soothing Bath & Body Works candles.

Here are three reasons why you should buy a candle from

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1. Bath & Body Works 3-wick Candles Provide Extra Burn Time

bath and body works candles

Many of the brand’s loyal customers swear by the 3-wick candles from Bath & Body Works. These candles are available in a bigger size with a quantity of around 411 gms. Their estimated burn time is around 30-48 hours! Isn’t that an awesome deal for the price of AED 59? Also, 3-wick candles work well for bigger spaces. So, you can have your spacious living room smelling like a cozy white barn with just one of these candles. For more intimate settings, such as your office desk or reading nook, bath & body works single wick candles are always available.

2. A Mind-boggling Variety of Fragrances to Choose From

bath and body works candle

Do you miss the ocean breeze and the scent of sand? Or is a cozy Christmas vibe more of your choice?  The bath & body works UAE  houses the “largest collection of fragrances”. So, there’s a Bath & Body Works Candle for every kind of ambiance. To be more precise, there are five top notes that you can get in your Bath & Body Works candle fragrance. These are: sweet, floral, fruity, fresh, and woodsy.

3. The Perfect Combination of Aroma Notes and Essential Oils

lavender essential oil

All Bath & Body Works candles are created with an interplay of various aroma notes and oils. So, in the thousand wishes candle, you’ll find a mixture of peonies and sweet almond crème. Similarly Lavender Vanilla is a complex combination of floral and sweet aromas. Along with essential oils, these multiple fragrance tones layer up and create a calming vibe.

Can’t wait to try a new fragrance at home? Here’s our recommendation of one candle from every aroma for you:

Recommendation For Sweet Scent Lovers

vanilla bean

Notes of Vanilla, milk, and marshmallows- AED 59

Vanilla bean is a bestselling fragrance that will have your home smell like a Parisian bakery.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Candle Is Our Floral Choice

japanese cherry blossom bath and body works candles

Cherry blossoms, with fruity pears, and sandalwood-AED 59

This one is hands-down a crowd favorite among those that love the scent of springtime. Floral candles also reportedly work well for relaxation and aromatherapy.

For The Fruity Candle Fanatics

bath & body works pineapple mango

A riot of pineapples, mangoes, and raspberries -AED 59

Pineapple Mango is from the Bath & Body Works White Barn Shop. So the aroma will be milder and subtle. The juicy combination is perfect to clear out the monsoon mustiness at home

Fresh Candle From Bath & Body Works

cactus blossom 3-wick candle

Cactus flowers with vanilla, lemon, and coconut- AED 59

Cactus Blossom, for those that prefer soft tones with airy vibes.

Bath & Body Works Bestselling Woodsy Candle


Mahogany with oak and a hint of lavender- AED 59

Mahogany Teakwood by Bath & Body Works is a bestseller for a reason. The aroma of this 3-wick candle will transport you to a camping day in the wilderness.

Light Your Bath & Body Works Candles Safely

A thousand wishes wallflower refill

A thousand wishes wallflower refill -AED 29

While candles do create a moody atmosphere, you should always be careful of potential fire hazards. You can still have your home smell like a dream with the range of home fragrances. You can opt for the Bath & Body Works wallflower refills, room sprays and mists, or even car fragrances.