Are you a passionate weekend baker and secretly waiting for Friday night to put on those oven mitts and get up close and personal with your latest snickerdoodle cookie recipe? Or maybe you love to cook and have been planning to do it for a while but don’t quite know where to start.

Well, whether you’re a home baking pro or an amateur, VoucherCodesUAE presents a list of products that should be on your must-use products list. Also, get special coupon codes and discounts while you add your essential baking products to your shopping cart.

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Essential products for Baking

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A Baking Oven

Baking essentials

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Ovens are so smart that they know exactly what’s inside. With the combination of innovation and design, built-in appliances turn cooking into an experience. A healthy alternative to traditional ovens, steam ovens preserve the flavor and nutrients in food. Get the best of both worlds with built-in microwaves designed for your needs.

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Price: AED 399

Dry Yeast

 Baking essentials

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Active dry yeast is an important ingredient in baking that makes your dough rise and gives it fluffiness. 

Price: AED 22.10

Unrefined Cane sugar

Baking essentials

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Sweeten your cookies, cupcakes, and mood with this Soft Brown Cane Sugar. Demerara Unrefined Cane Sugar is the ideal complement to your cooking needs. Crystallized by the first pressing of 100% pure cane, the flavors are magnificently infused and irresistible from the moment you open this cane sugar pack.

Price: AED 7.95

Cocoa powder

Baking essentials

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Give your cakes and hot chocolate a rich taste and dark chocolate flavor with this low sugar and Natural Cocoa Powder.

Price: AED 22.75

Baking powder

Baking Powder

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Make light and fluffy cakes, and more with the Al Alali Baking Powder. This baking powder delivers proven results. Although the baking powder is primarily used for making cakes it is also a great substitute for yeast for baking breads.

Price: AED 8.00

Baking soda

Baking Soda

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Baking soda is often used as an active ingredient in quick-bake recipes such as cookies, cakes, and pancakes. This is because of the fast-acting chemical reaction associated with baking soda and its acidic counterpart. Arm and Hammer’s soda has a multifunctional ingredient that should be found at home, not only for cooking but also for cleaning and washing.

Price: AED 39.10

Icing sugar

Baking essentials

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It combines easily and dissolves instantly, making it perfect for making icing for cakes and cupcakes, cream cheese, and buttercream. It can be used to create a smooth white glaze on sponge cakes, cakes, biscuits, and finger buns. Freeze, decorate, fill and dust your desserts with this ultrafine powdered sugar.

Price: AED 6.00

Vanilla liquid flavoring


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It makes a useful addition to your cooking needs. Perfect for cakes, cookies, and other delicious treats. Made with quality materials for optimum results. Taste the richness and flavor of premium vanilla beans in every dessert you make with this vanilla liquid flavoring.

Price: AED 223.15

Sea salt flakes

Baking essentials

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Salt in dessert? Sounds weird and out of place doesn’t it? But just adding a pinch of Maldon Sea Salt Flakes will instantly elevate your chocolate meal.

Price: AED 12.95

Measuring cups and spoons


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Precision engineered to deliver a superior level of service and crafted with spruce to offer greater functionality and efficiency. This extremely useful set of measuring cups and spoons comes with a silicone spatula and brush so you can not only make every recipe with precision but also fold in the cheese.

Price: AED 5.40

Cake icing spatula

Baking essentials

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This flat-set pastry cream spatula helps frost hard-to-reach areas and keeps hands and fingers away from the cream. They would do an absolutely fantastic job no matter if used to decorate a large cake or small cupcake. The perforated ergonomic wooden handle of this pastry cream spatula is lightweight and very comfortable to hold in your hand.

Price: AED 11.40

Rotating cake stand


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Bring all your creative decorating ideas to life with this rotating cake stand that comes with fondant tools and cake side scrapers.

Price: AED 99.00

Blow Torch

Baking essentials

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Feel like a total pro and add some drama to your baking with this blow torch. This best-in-class product comes with an adjustable flame and a child safety lock so you can focus less on safety and more on getting the perfect cream burner.

Price: AED 105

Cake cutter

Baking essentials

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It is a unique wire that helps slice the cake evenly and is ideal for home bakers and professional decorators. These are all in one cake cutter, slicer, decorator, and straightener so you never have to worry about finding different tools for every purpose.

Price: AED 18.00

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What’s a family dinner without a delicious dessert to provide the perfect finishing touch? Why not test your skills and pamper your friends, family, and yourself with handmade pastries with our list of essential bakery items? These are all the basic cooking options to choose from. Also, do you love to shop but struggle to find the right coupons at the right time? CouponBot is your online shopping best friend. It searches for the best coupons, vouchers, and codes for you, while you shop. Happy shopping!