We don’t need flowers, we want handbags! After diamonds, handbags are a girl’s best friend. Handbags have come a long way and evolved into every shape and size, we can imagine. How will you find the perfect handbags to complete the look? We are here to solve that dilemma!

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Now, the time to give you the perfect handbags from Styli for your outfit…drumroll:

1. Casual pick-up

A quick run to the grocery store or just a hangout with a couple of your friends. It calls for a laid back approach to perfect handbags for your outfit.

For a quick trip down to the grocery store, a tote bag is recommended. A tote bag is versatile and gives you a lot of space if you tend to buy a lot more munchies than you thought.

Our pick: Laser-cut Tote Bag

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Lazer Cut Tote bag

Don’t want to carry a handbag for just your phone and keys? Here is the pick for your convenience: the textured bum bag.

Beautiful the textured bum bag - buy it using Styli discount codes

2. Tidy and Easy

Being in office demands a certain level of professionalism and tidiness. The pick would be a modest bag, neither too big nor too small. While we are toning down on the bling, you’re free to experiment with every imaginable color. This perfect handbag comes in every color present in the spectrum.

Our pick for the color lovers is the Shoulder bag with a printed strap:

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If you’re someone who doesn’t like bright colors with your office attire, you can opt for a Textured Tote Bag in neutral colors.

Our pick: Textured Tote Bag with Pouch CLOSET

Perfect handbag - Textured Tote Bag with Pouch

Textured Tote Bag with Pouch

4. Fun-sized

Going out with friends is a serious affair. The outfits call out for a bright outfit of pastels. To balance the pastel pairing, a small fun, elegant handbag is recommended.

Our pick is this fun-sized Round shoulder bag with a long strap.

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Round shoulder bag with a long strap

5. Let’s be fancy

Be it a fancy dinner party or any similar setting, when you dress to impress, bring out the A-game with your outfits. How can your main accessory be any different?

Our pick is the Printed handbag from Closet.

Be fancy with a printed handbag. Get Styli coupon code!

Printed handbag

5. Athleisure

Hitting the gym or joining a yoga class? You obviously need space for all your essentials, be it the mat or an extra change of clothes. That said, it can be cutesy and convenient at the same time, that’s what all the perfect handbags are.

Our pick is this aesthetic Duffle Bag with a detachable strap from CLOSET.

AED 62.51

Buy a duffle bag with detachable strap thanks to Styli discount code

Duffle bag with detachable strap

6. Such a cutie

A cute outfit demands a similar counterpart. Date? Picnic? Or you maybe you just want to dress cute. We have got you the perfect handbags:

A colorful and cutesy printed handbag to complete your bubbly look.

Perfect handbag - printed handbag with shawl

Printed handbag with shawl

A textured round handbag that will match with almost everything. Tassels are an extra bonus.

Textured round crossbody bag bought thanks to Styli discount code

Textured round crossbody bag with detailed tassels

Have a great time mixing and matching these beautiful perfect handbags with your outfits. Do remember that a handbag does depend on your nature and lifestyle too. Don’t worry too much and just remember to have fun with your second best friend.