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Unique products to bring home this White November

Kiko Milano: Perfect gel top coat

Nail Polish

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Gel-effect, a natural-drying top coat is ideal for protecting nail polish and giving your nails an extreme, 3D effect shine. It is special because when combined with super pigmented nail polish it has a sheer and creamy texture that gives your nails a glossy, plump effect.
The special technology activated by natural light, the shiny film created on your nails hardens day by day, protecting the brightness of the color and providing permanence for up to 7 days. The long, rounded bristles of the brush follow the shape of your nails perfectly, making it easy to apply the polish.

Price: AED 27.30

Kiko Milano: Lip Volume

Lip Volume

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This is a perfecting and volumizing lip balm that nourishes and moisturizes, revitalizing the natural color of your lips.
Its special formula enriched with sesame oil and hyaluronic acid spheres gives the lips a volume-enhancing, shiny effect, moisturizing and reshaping.
It is available in three bright colors:
Sheer – Revitalize the natural color of your lips.
Tutu rose – Provides a nice touch of color to your lips
Organza sky – Enhance your smile by making your teeth visibly whiter thanks to soft blue undertones in the formulation

Price: AED 35.10

Seletti Hybrid Irene Fruit Bowl

Fruit Bowl

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Here is a unique fruit bowl you can buy from the Hybrid collection. When east and west merge, it yields a collection that reflects the ancient history of western and eastern ceramic production. Seletti hybrid decorations come from a complex past that has evolved into contemporary shapes.

Price:  AED 97.50

Seletti Toilet-paper cushion cover


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This Cushion cover by the Toiletpaper collection has the best, outrageous, and cool graphics.

Cushion size: 50×50 cm cushion cover with Pink Lipsticks design.

Price: AED 202.80

Hybrid Melania vase


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This decorative vase from the Hybrid collection is set to reflect ancient historic Western and Eastern ceramic production. The vase by hybrid has hybrid decorations that come from a complex past that evolve into contemporary shapes.

Size ΓΈ23 x H 26 cm.

Price: AED 464.10

Bamboo Handbag women

Women Handbag

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Women’s beige-colored bamboo handbag with an adjustable shoulder strap and a buckle closure.
– Width: 19 Cm
– Height: 13 Cm
– Depth: 6.5Cm

Price: AED 92.82

Disney X Short Story Elsa Bubble Earrings

Bubbble Earrings

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Let it go and embrace your inner charm with Elsa Earrings. These beautiful Disney earrings are one of a kind and make the perfect statement. Each gorgeous couple is handmade with real dried flowers and items to showcase each Disney princess at its best.

It is playfully sophisticated and gorgeous, these glamorous tribals are reversible. These Short Story Disney earrings get shipped to you in a beautiful cork glass jar, ready to be gifted to that special someone or admired in your own collection.


  • A glass ball with confetti, diamantes, or real dried flowers inside
  • A reversible duo stud
  • Titanium posts for sensitive ears
  • Each pair of earrings comes in a beautiful glass jar with a gold Disney Castle logo

Price: AED 159.00

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Monkey lamp hanging

Monkey Hanging Lamp

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This is a crazy and crafty family monkey-shaped lamp. It has a strong theatrical effect, where the world of art, design, and nature combine to create a magical product. This lamp is the perfect scenography for your home.

Size: Cm 36×24 

Price: AED 1010.10

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