Are you one of those who start tracking your parcel as soon as you place the order? You’re not alone! Waiting for our parcel to get delivered can truly be a test of patience sometimes. Many online shopping platforms have really lengthy processes of telling you the whereabouts of your order. But that’s not the case with AliExpress tracking. The brand offers its customers a safe and easy tracking process by which they can find out the status of their orders.

VoucherCodesUAE will tell you what and how to track your orders on AliExpress.

What is AliExpress Tracking?

The seller packs and hands your package over to the postal company once you place your order on AliExpress. It depends on your method of payment as to which courier company is chosen to deliver your goods. Also, it is usually delivered by AliExpress Standard Shipping if there are no delivery charges.

A unique numeric or alphanumeric tracking number is assigned to your order before sending it to the courier service. You will find this unique tracking number under your orders page on your account which you will need for tracking your AliExpress parcels. This allows you to access real-time information regarding your order’s status and location.

How to track your Aliexpress order?

AliExpress trackingFollow these easy steps to know the status of your AliExpress orders:

  1. Open the AliExpress website.
  2. Go to the “My Orders” section, and click on the order you need to track.
  3. Find and copy the AliExpress tracking number once the details of the order are displayed. Then click on the “Track Parcel” option.
  4. After a while, the courier service will track your shipment and provide information about the status and current location of your order.

Please note that AliExpress order numbers and tracking numbers are different and what you need for tracking your order is the latter. You cannot track your orders using the AliExpress order number, so you need to find the AliExpress tracking number first from the order page of the site.

Same tracking number given for different orders?

You need to immediately contact the seller if you notice the seller has given you the same tracking number for various orders. Alternatively, buyers can contact the 24×7 AliExpress customer support directly for further online support.

How to track AliExpress orders without a tracking number

Sometimes, an order might be placed without any tracking information. This is usually the case when the tracking number starts with UN***. The major reason why this happens is normally that the seller did not register the package. This means that there may be no tracking information available for the package. You need to instantly contact the seller or the online AliExpress support team for further support if you do not receive an AliExpress tracking number.

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