Alexa can be many things – from Amazon’s Echo bot, a personal assistant, to that amazing girl named Alexa, and a coupon code that grants you 10% off and a free lipstick. So, you see, there is more than one reason to love Alexa.

One of the most popular names, especially in the U.S, the name Alexa first appeared on the top 1000 baby girl names in the year 1973. It scaled in popularity and ranked in the top 100 in the mid-1990s. The name remains a favorite, proven by Amazon in 2014.

Friendly coupon

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With the raging popularity of this particular coupon code, we decided to give an insight into the significance of Alexa.

Genesis of Alexa

Considered to be the female version of the name Alexander, the name stems from the Greek word Alexandros which means a “defender of man.” Alexander the Great, the king of Macedonia (336 to 323 B.C) reigned supreme by almost conquering the entire world. He unified Greece and reestablished the Corinthian League. The female version of Alexander became Alexandra, a name given to the Greek goddess Hera, which similarly means the “one who comes to save the warriors.”

Alexa became a short form and intrigued Amazon to name their Echo bot.

Why Amazon named the bot Alexa

The use of soft vowel “x” made the engineers decide upon the name as it sounded distinct from common words such as “computer.” It has been reported that even the movie ‘Star Trek’ played a crucial role in naming the bot, as it was reminiscent of “the library of Alexander,” which was at one time the “keeper of all knowledge.”

And as for VoucherCodesUAE, Alexa is significant because she gives you a free lipstick and 10% off. We love Alexa, don’t we?