In fashion one day you’re in and one day you’re out. I remember when wrapping a sweater around your waist was so cool and suddenly it was the biggest faux-pas in the world. Fashion’s always changing but don’t worry – we’re here to let you know what trends you need to follow and how you can grab the looks for less.


These are the 4 biggest style trends that you need to follow this summer –




blue pastel t shirt with pink pastel bomber jacket

Picture Credits: Owner


If you didn’t hear already, pastels are IN and in a big way. Taking over the runway at Fashion Week, these soft, pretty colours are the look for summer. They not only help you keep cool but also add a flowy and light touch to your whole ensemble. From pink to greens, these soft shades should be taking over your wardrobe.


Tip: When wearing pastels try to stick to one shade or combine two pastel shades to keep it even and chic.


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Picture Credits: Christian Vierig


Yes, they were considered very uncool a few years ago but they’re back and they’re here to stay – at least for the summer. Fanny packs are easy to wear, can store everything you need and are now your favourite summer fashion accessory. From Gucci to Supreme, they are being designed by all the luxury brands and are being worn the biggest celebrities. Are you feeling it?


Tip: Don’t just look at your fanny pack as a bag but as an accessory that can make your outfit pop. Experiment with colours, brands and style and give your outfit an edge with your fanny pack.


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red slip dress on fur rug with shoes bags and necklace

Picture Credits: Lulus


The slip dress is giving us 90s vibes and we’re here for it. Even though it never really left, this year’s Fashion Weeks have brought it back. Comfortable, light and flattering, the slip dress is a summer must-have. Not only does it help you beat the heat, but it transitions perfectly from day to night.


Tip: Add more to your simple slip dress by accessorizing. Shoes, jewellery and bags (the fanny pack?) will help turn this dress into a statement piece.


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red adidas sneakers

Picture Credits: TheStyle.City


Sneakers will never go out fashion. And this summer, they’ve made a huge comeback on all the runways. This versatile fashion piece can be worn with anything. Literally anything, and it always looks good. With more designer brands entering this market and producing chic yet comfy sneakers, there’s no way you can’t have an #instagrammable pair in your summer wardrobe.


Tip: Don’t just pair your sneakers with casual outfits. Make your night-out party outfits comfortable and chic with a nice pair of sneakers.


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With these amazing discounts and exclusive codes, building your summer wardrobe will be a breeze. Have a good summer!