Fashion trends for kids in 2019

Being a kid today is way different than your recollection of your childhood. Your children are getting photographed every now and then and they are constantly under the public eye no matter how private you want to keep them. If you notice, your children are already more fashion-forward than you, knowing exactly what they want, the minute they start to speak. Yes, times are changing and all we have to do is keep up.

Since summer is here, and you cannot always harken to your toddler’s request of going all winter in summer, here are the latest 2019 fashion trends for kids of the season, bound to keep your little one in vogue while making them feel exactly how they are supposed to feel – liberated, free and their authentic selves.

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The best kids fashion trends for summer


Girl kid in blue floral dress

The timeless appeal of florals will never go out of style. All spring and summer long, florals go ballistic. This year, we have pastel florals and some neon ones raging in style. Check out light purple dresses with striking floral prints from the brand The Children’s Place. The casual sweet dress featuring a round neck and short sleeves will keep your darling daughter dancing around like a dream. Then there is a striking garden floral dress from Juicy Couture and a pastel pink lace and floral dress from The Children’s place, both of which will make your child stand out in the crowd.

If the dress is not the utmost preference then try donning floral printed shirts for your kids and match them with a breezy plain bottom. Check out the blue floral printed cotton shirt from SMYK, complete comfort wear for a casual day out or a vacation. You can also breathe nature’s life into your young one by opting for floral bottoms, such as Adidas’s floral printed leggings. Accessories including bags are also a fun way to incorporate florals into your child’s #ootd.


Fashion trends for kids

(Picture Credit: Pinterest)

No, florals and tropicals are not the same. Floral is more of an umbrella term featuring varieties of floral prints, while tropical prints come in hues of yellow, green, blue, and orange, with patterns of palm trees, sunsets, and pineapples. It is more specific in style. The 2019 summer fashion trends for kids are all about bringing the tropics to the desert. The 6th Street features a collection of tropical wear for your kids, such as a graphic tropical tee only at AED 17 or a Toucans printed shorts at 51% off. The soothing tropical prints render a feeling of escape from the heat and kids and adults alike enjoy the print. Flip-flops are another way to introduce tropical prints in your and your child’s daily wear. It’s a lot of fun.

Super Heroes

Kids fashion trends for summer

DC Comics Tee (Picture Credit: Pinterest)

There never was a time when superheroes and heroines did not influence the clothing culture among children. With Avengers, X-Men, and the remakes of Spider-Man, you know that your child would love to wear the outfit they saw on TV or perhaps a representation of it. New In is Superman and Batman T-shirts and shorts sets which will make your child happy all summer long. Then there’s a new waistband short featuring superhero badges from R&B which will surely make your child feel empowered all year long.

Gender Neutral

Best fashion trends for kids

John Lewis became the first kid’s clothing brand in the UK to remove boy’s and girl’s labels (Picture Credit: Vogue)

Who said pink is for girls and blue is for the boys? Go gender neutral because it is fair for your kids. Opt to dress your kids in colors of their choice and the style of their choice. If your child wants to go loud and bright in colors then check the varieties here, from basic whites to neon splatter, make your kids choose. If they can’t make the decision yet and you want to go all gender-neutral, then opt for earthy-based tones and muted colors which can be paired with a splash of florals or tropicals.

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