The Amazon rainforest fires have made the world come to a standstill and the Social Media is abuzz with the latest news, controversies, and conspiracy theories. Amazon forest fires are not uncommon, but the frequency and rapidity of the fires, compared to previous years, is a major concern to the environment. In 2019 itself, more than 57,500 forest fires have swept the Brazilian part of the Amazon and if no efforts are undertaken to minimize the disaster, then mankind will be history.

The blame game for Amazon fires has intensified, seeping into politics, industries, and lifestyle. On this note, some of the leading global fashion houses have taken steps towards sustainability. Here are the brands that chose to become environment-friendly following the aftermath of the disastrous Amazon forest fires.

Amazon fires and sustainable brand choices

  1. H&M
  2. Timberland
  3. Vans
  4. The North Face
  5. Eagle Creek
  6. Dickies
  7. JanSport
  8. Kipling
  9. Smartwool
  10. Eastpak


H&M amazon fires VoucherCodesUAE

On September 6 H&M announced that they will stop purchasing Brazilian leather citing concerns that cattle ranching has caused en masse deforestation. In fact, this year’s Amazon fires have resulted in a 97% increase in deforestation according to preliminary data from the National Institute for Space Research (INPE). The brand known for its steps towards sustainable fashion released a statement affirming that “until there are credible assurance systems in place to verify that the leather does not contribute to environmental harm in the Amazon,” the suspension of Amazon leather will be valid. Let’s check some H&M coupons on our website.


Timberland Amazon fires VoucherCodesUAE

The American manufacturer for outdoor wear banned importing leather from Amazon soon after the news made headlines. Backed by its parent company VF corporations, Timberland is one among many fashion labels to ban Brazilian leather. Timberland has taken environmental conservation very seriously and has sworn to plant 50 million trees around the world by 2025. It is to be noted that the brand has already planted 10 million trees since 2001.

To make the 50 million trees target a reality, the company has partnered with several environmental organizations including GreenNetwork, Smallholder Farmers Alliance, Tree Aid, the UN Convention to Combat Desertification, Trees for the Future, and many more. 

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vans Amazon fires VoucherCodesUAE

The leading skateboarding shoe company swore to avoid using Brazilian leather alongside Timberland. The brand is a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, but it is not 100% environment friendly according to However, Vans can be recycled with its ‘Skate and Donate’ program. The brand aims to consume 100% renewable energy in its own operations by 2025.

The North Face

The North Face VoucherCodesUAW

The outdoor recreation brand, owned by VF Corp. also banned sourcing leather from Brazil in the wake of Amazon fires. The brand has championed sustainability with the use of long-lasting materials and the innovation of new sustainable ones. In last year’s interview with the company’s director of sustainability, James Rogers’ said that the brand “was built on a love for the outdoors. It’s in our heritage to protect the places where we love to play. Without clean air, clean water, and public lands, our business would not thrive. We, therefore, feel it is imperative to operate as responsibly as possible because it’s the right thing to do for the planet and for our business.”

Eagle Creek

Eagle creek VoucherCodesUAE

The luggage manufacturer known for its eco-friendly approach is another one of the VF Corp’s brands to ban Brazilian leather. Many environmentally-conscious travelers have often recommended suitcases from Eagle Creek, thanks to its repair guarantee and luggage made from strong recycled materials. In fact, they used recycled PVB instead of PVC. Their materials are approved by Bluesign, which signifies approved fabrics to lessen the negative impact on the environment.


Dickies VoucherCodesUAE


The American apparel manufacturer founded in 1922 met the industry standard for sustainability in 2017, hence, they were prompt to ban Brazilian leather. In 2017, Dickies received the updated ISO:14001 certification, recognizing a continued commitment to minimizing any negative impacts on the environment, mainly because of its significantly less consumption of energy. The brand even installed 1,000 solar panels on the roof of its Distribution Centre and converted them to efficient LED lighting in the warehouse, office, and production areas.


Jansport VoucherCodesUAE


The leading backpack company owned by VF Corp. claims to use only used water and discarded soda bottles when manufacturing. The guarantee that the product will last a lifetime is also an assurance of its sustainability. Their report suggests that they save 800 trees annually and banning Brazilian leather now will surely add more digits to the report.


Kipling VoucherCodesUAE


The Belgian fashion brand, known for its bags and accessories, also banned Brazilian leather, as a subsidiary of the VF Corp. The brand has been pretty active on its social cause with its Backpack Program in Cambodia, Hong Kong, and other Asian countries.


Smartwool VoucherCodesUAE


The American apparel under VF Corp. banned Brazilian leather because of its mission of sustainability. Their website reads; “we believe that to make sure we can continue to share nature with others, we need to help ensure that the beauty and resources of our environment will be around for generations to come. For us, that means making more sustainable clothing.” The brand assured the consumers that they have partnered with ZQ Merino to ensure the sheep that produce the wool are “treated humanely, the wool growers are treated fairly, and the farms work to minimize their impact on the environment.”


Eastpak VoucherCodesUAE


The lifestyle brand known to have invented the wheeled luggage and aided the military in the past is yet another VF Corp’s brand to ban Brazilian leather for the safety of the environment. The brand often collaborates with fashion designers to help raise funds and come up with innovative and sustainable designs to suit modern-day travelers.

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