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Now Enhance Posture and Take Advantage Of This Deal - Get 10% Off All Collections Of Men's and Women's Shapewear Range at Pelham and Strutt
Added Sunday 1st May 2016, Expires Wednesday 30th November 2016

Pelham and Strutt new compression garments and shapewear range provide muscle and posture enhancement starting at the core. Posture support and unique compression technology enhance not only your performance in sport but also the way you look and feel every day.         

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Get In Shape - Core Bum and Tum Shaping Tights Only In £29 at Pelham and Strutt
  • Last used 14th October
  • Last tested
Added Tuesday 9th August 2016, Expires Saturday 31st December 2016

The staple to any wardbrobe, the Pelham and Strutt Bum and Tum Shaping Tights are perfect for any occasion. The high waisted design has any bumps covered, from tum to toe.   Pelham and Strutt Shaping Compression Tights slims the waistline, hips and thighs as well as providing support to the tummy and bum. The integrated mapping in the tights activate core muscles to support the lower back and enhance posture.


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