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Grab A 20% Discount On Your First Delivery at Fetchr
Added Saturday 9th July 2016, Expires Saturday 30th June 2018

Get a 20% discount on your first delivery  with Fetchr. Use promocode reg20%

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50% Off Personal Courier Service Anywhere In UAE at Fetchr
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Added Wednesday 13th April 2016, Expires Saturday 31st December 2016

Let Fetchr run your errands! Fetchr is an on-demand delivery mobile app which uses GPS technology to specify the sender and receiver's location. To send a package or get a package picked up, customers need to download the Fetchr App from the App store or Play Store.50% off your first order

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    How to Use Fetchr 2016 0

    How to use Fetchr Promo Codes and Deals

    Still not sure how to use Fetchr Promo Codes you find at Voucher codes UAE. Let’s do it step by step and settle the issue once for all. It is easy and simple so you can do it without any hassle.

    Select Fetchr coupon code or deal at Voucher Codes UAE and click on it. Upon this you would get the code or will be guided appropriately for the next step and Fetchr website would open in next tab. Copy the code with a single click.


    Fetchr coupon vcuae.png


    *Don't forget to check whether Fetchr promo code has any Terms and Conditions. Some Fetchr Coupon Codes may have certain exclusions or restrictions for use.

    Download Free App

    Go to Fetchr website and download Fetchr app free for your smart phone. Apple and Android versions are available.

    *Don’t forget to turn on GPS settings of your mobile because Fetchr requires your location to deliver your sending.

    Sign up

    You need to sign up or sign in through your e mail address or you can log in via your Facebook account.


    2- fetchr sign up.jpeg


    Enter Mobile number for verification

    Mobile number is required for verification purpose.


    5- fetchr verification number.jpeg

     Enter and verify it after receiving a code through your mobile.


    6- fetchr verification.jpeg


    Package Details

    Provide the details about the package you are sending like weight, size, image and a short detail.




    Select Pick up date and time

    Enter the details on which date you want to receive and on which time.



    Receiver Information

    Enter the receiver information like name and mobile number. You can also enter some comments for driver instructions.


    7- Fetchr receiver detail.jpeg


    Payment Details and Enter Fetchr Promo Code

    Enter the payment details. Cash on pick up and credit card transaction facilities are available for your convenience. Enter Fetchr promo code to get the maximum discounts on it.


    8- fetchr payment details.jpeg


    Confirm Order

    Read the details you provided and confirm the order by pressing the confirm button.


    9- Confirm order.jpg


    Enjoy sending and receiving purchases experiences using Fetchr promo codes available at Voucher Codes UAE.

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